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Mar 28, 2009 01:45 PM

Food Grade Plastic Containers in GTA?

Hey guys, looking to brine meats to make smoked meat, bacon, etc etc. As far as I've read, certain plastics should be avoided, especially if the brines/meats are slightly acidic as plastic compounds can leach into the brine.

Anyone out there know where I can pick up a (preferably) airtight box-type container... maybe big enough to fit in a fridge and hold 1-2 whole beef briskets and/or 2-3 gallons of liquid capacity?

Thanks in advance...


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  1. You can find various sizes at Nikolaou, on Queen just east of Bathurst. I got my 18-quart square container from them many years ago. Perfect size for even a 16lb turkey and still fits in my fridge. I'm sure other restaurant supply places like Nella will have them too.

    1. There;s also Tap Phong on Spadina where I bought food grade containers for the exact same reason. I think their prices are better than Nikolau.

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        Sweet... I'll def check both of them out. Thanks for the help!

        1. re: saugamike

          I would check out Tap Phong first, there prices are at least reasonable. Nikolaou's mark up is just ridiculous.

      2. The original comment has been removed