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Mar 28, 2009 01:33 PM

Smokey Joe's in Teaneck!

For those of you that haven't been to or tried Smokey Joe's, i recommend it strongly! The burgers were mouth watering, the wings were delicious, and the service was speedy. It's in a great location on Cedar Lane in Teaneck, NJ. The ribs are simply to die for. If you want to check it out, the address is 494 Cedar Lane, Teaneck, NJ. If you would like to call ahead for takeout, the number is 201-836-RIBS (7427).
Their website is

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  1. I disagree. When I was there, the service was dispicable: unacceptably slow. Truly ridiculous. And the food was a notch above average. I'd say skip it.

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      I've gone there on busy Sunday nights. The service has always been good. We have always enjoyed the food. i recommend it.

    2. Are you associated with the restaurant? I noticed this is your only post ever to Chowhound, and with such specific info (address, phone number, website), it seems like you really have some vested interest in spreading the word.

      I myself went recently for the first time. My husband liked it, though he was really hungry when we went. I was unimpressed, though I did enjoy a layered mousse dessert I had.

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          If the author of the first post about Smokey Joe's is who I think it is, he is just a teen and not associated with the place. He probably ate there and really likes it!
          It's a shame that people post opinions and get slammed for them,. Everyone has their own tastes. some people love a place, some people hate it. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

          1. re: lhmom

            I would hardly call my asking if milescutler if he is associated with the restaurant "slamming" anyone. And I have no problem with people liking the place, even though I was underwhelmed myself. However, I do notice that he hasn't answered my question, and if indeed he is the "teen" you speak of, seems to have provided such a wealth of specific contact information for a supposedly disinterested party. I also have much professional contact with teens; I rarely hear/read phrases like "simply to die for" from current teens. Defend if you will; I would prefer Chowhound to be free of posts that are simply undercover promos. And somehow, there is a clear difference between posts by a layman that just likes a place and posts a positive review, and these posts which talk about restaurants in such glowing terms that imply they could never do any wrong. Call it a hunch, if you will, but I'm still not buying it. And what will convince me he is a real person is when I start to see him post on other topics.

      1. I can't understand the vendetta some people seem to have against Smokey Joe's. We've eaten their twice and also picked up a Shabbat dinner for about 30 folks. In all cases the food was excellent, service was pleasant and gracious, and prices reasonable. Yes, at first the portion sizes look disappointing when we are all used to heaping mountains of food, but I always left the table satisfied and if it keeps prices down and keeps the place in business, I am all for them not being wasteful.

        1. I thought the food was good and interesting, a pleasant change from the humdrum and from excellent heimishe cooking and Moroccan style other kosher places offer. My kids raved about it and ask wehen we can go back. The service wasn't anything to rave about but not terrible.
          The question is whether the ex-partner who has started a fish place down the block can be as good and creative.

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          1. re: EvanM

            Full disclosure. I am Clark, the owner of Fish of the C's - the restaurant referred to above I am thrilled (C chowhound thread on "Kosher Fish and Chips in Teaneck") that everyone is enjoying the newest addition to Teaneck's Kosher restaurant offerings. However, I just wanted to correct a slight error in EvanM's posting. I am not an ex-partner in Smokey Joe's. My interest remains the same as it always has.

            1. re: TheCs

              I am a teen but I don't see how that should affect me wanting to post my opinion. I went there with a very close friend of mine and stopped to have dinner. The owner came out on several occasions to make sure everything was spectacular, which it was. The reason I posted this is because he, as with many, many other businesses is suffering from a a little bit of a slow period. I suggested getting the word out of Smokey Joe's. I heard this was a good place to give opinions and suggestions on kosher food. If you didn't enjoy the food or service, I'm sorry. But I have done nothing wrong in trying to voice my opinion and help out a few hungry people while I'm at it.

            2. re: EvanM

              My kids also love Smokey Joe's. Been there several times and they always go home happy. The menu has something for the whole family, whether you prefer meat, chicken or vegetarian. Service is inconsistent though.

            3. It's funny. I am still mystified that people like Mike's Bistro and rave about it on here. For that reason alone, I am suspect of the whole lot of you. I am so much more interested in the little tidbits about newly kosher products and tips on how to make a non-Kosher dish kosher. In that area, I believe this board shines. As to who is planting what promo, I think we all go with the preponderance of the evidence on here and on Shamash rather than one post. Frankly, Miles (and btw, you don't sound like a teen), the restaurants in Teaneck would do better if they actually cared a bit more about what people want and about doing their best to make people happy. Haven't found a place that did that yet. Cold town.

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                I haven't eaten in too many places in Teaneck, but I must say that I have now been impressed twice with Shalom Bombay there. I know I posted about my first visit, but can't remember if I posted about my return visit. Maybe I'll do that at another time, but suffice it to say that my husband and I enjoyed it. They definitely skimp on the spices in some of the dishes, but overall, it was tasty.