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Mar 28, 2009 01:16 PM

Decent food with blues, jazz or piano bar

I searched before I decided to post. I will be in Chicago in April and a colleague and I would like to go somewhere with decent blues with decent food, or decent food with a good piano bar or jazz combo. I'm not wild about the enormous steak thing, but other than that we're ecumenical in what we eat.

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    1. I second Nsxtasy's recommendation of Buddy Guy's. I would also add Pop's For Champagne. The emphasis at Pop's is on the champagne, the deserts, and the jazz, but they offer a raw bar and small plates that I thought were better than a lot of more formal restaurants. The space is somewhat elegant (despite the tv's on the upstairs level), but you will feel crowded if you plan to make a full dinner out of it at, say, 8:00pm on a Saturday.
      And obvs, Buddy Guys is a better choice if you want casual.
      Anyone else have any thoughts on the food here?

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        There is also Andy's Jazz at Hubbard, just East of State. FYI there is a $10 cover at the door but the food is pretty good and so is the music. Some nights are way better than others. One night we saw a fantastic "afro cuban" jazz group.

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          Seconding Andy's. My dad played there (with the Chuck Hedges Swingtet) for many years and I spent a lot of time there. The atmosphere and music are great, and the food is quite good. Not sure when in April you are going, but I looked at Andy's April calendar and can vouch for the Bobby Lewis quartet and Richie Pardo. I am not familiar with any of the other bands.

      2. As background music, or for entertainment? If you want decent food with music Bandera on Michigan Avenue has a jazz combo that plays during dinner. It is not a "show" but good music while you eat.

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          We were thinking more for entertainment than just background, but we've had delightful musical experiences where what is sold as background ends up being really good. We're pretty open as far as that goes.