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Mar 28, 2009 01:08 PM

Dusek's Bakery in Faribault, MN - Closed?

I stopped by Dusek's in Faribault on Thursday to get some bars and it appears that the retail part of the bakery is closed. The sign on the door said that the wares were available at the local HyVee market. Since I was going on to New Ulm and could stop at Hauser's B├Ąckerei, I didn't explore this, but I hope we aren't losing yet another good, reliable local bakery...

As for the B├Ąckerei, 27 Main St. - open til 5:00 on week days - the thing to eat is the sour cream coffee cake, sold in large squares for $2.20. They taste so strongly of fresh apples you will be astounded to learn that there isn't any fruit in them. Apple fritters and the intriguing "Persian nut" doughnuts are also big sellers, but I went with the lighter french doughnut and was not disappointed. My husband likes their pumpernickel, which is the best he's found outside of New York.

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  1. What are "Persian nut" doughnuts? I ask because my family is from a small German farm town in Wisconsin and all the bakeries around there sell "Persians" which are like fried cinnamon rolls (I think that's what you would call them) topped with an icing and chopped peanuts.

    I don't see those around here (so when we go to Wisconsin I eat them every day!)

    Is this some kind of German-American thing? Or not connected at all?