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Saturday brunch special at Masa in Woburn

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I had brunch at Masa today and it's such a good deal. They have their regular brunch menu that is served on Sat and Sun but on Saturday only they have a special Brunch Fiesta menu with a choice of first course and entree with complimentary coffee or tea for $7.95.

First course was a choice of:

Caramelized Plantain Empanada with Mexican Cinnamon Cream Cheese
Granola con Leche with Milk or Yogurt
Fresh Seasonal Fruits

Breakfast entree choices:

Creamy Scrambled Eggs with Chorizo and Mexican Farmer's Cheese
Southwest Home Fries and Multi Grain Toast

Huevos Rancheros with Queso Cotija and Salsa Ranchero
Crisp Tortillas and Black Beans Topped with Crema

Santa Fe Style Eggs Benedict Atop Southwestern Biscuits
Avocado, Green Chile Hollandaise and Southwest Home Fries

My friend and I both had the fresh fruit and creamy scrambled eggs. They also serve a small bread basket with one each of a corn muffin, blue corn muffing, jalapeno biscuit and coffee cake, all mini size. Accompanied by a small tray of flavored butter (can't remember if it was maple or molasses) some spiced apricot jam and spice cranberry jam.

The servings were the same size as the full-price menu. The food was great, the service fine and the prices unbelievable. Not sure if the Boston location is offering the same deal. Again, this offer is only on Saturdays from 10-3. Not sure how long it will last so I say take advantage while you can. I may go back next Saturday!

350 Cambridge Road
Woburn, MA 01801

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    1. Yes, they do this on Sat. in Boston and for like the first hour on Sun.

      1. We've been to both the Boston and the Woburn locations, and the menu seems pretty similar at both. We haven't been to Boston recently, but have been happy the couple of times we've been to Woburn. The location is pretty nondescript, but parking is easy, the space is pleasant, service has been good (with lots of coffee refills, always a plus in my book) and the food very good and very reasonable. I've enjoyed the Southwestern benedict and the huevos rancheros. The chorizo mac and cheese was good, but a little dry. Both fries and homefries are also tasty.

        1. Since I work Sunday's it's nice to have a Saturday brunch nearby. My wife and I have been a couple of times and found the food consistently good. I have a particular addiction to their Bloody Mary's which are nice and spicy and make for a nice start to wasting away the day

          1. Long time, first time.

            I went for Lunch Thursday, and brunch Saturday. Terrific value proposition both times. The tapas and soup plate was outstanding, and my companions for lunch reported the veggie wrap and the steak wrap were equally good. Three of us paid $50 for lunch, including a beer, a bloody, and a fancy-label g-and-t.

            The brunch was tremendous as well. The kids' menu for brunch is quite interesting, although it might be the least value aspect of the menu. $4.95 got you eggs or pancakes or a couple other choices, but bacon, fruit, etc. were extra, bringing the cost of the kids' meals a bit higher than the unbelievable $7.95 for mom and dad. The food in general is interesting, thoughtful, well-prepared, well-presented, and tasty. For the prices they charge, it is a tremendous value!

            1. Having had a very nice Fiesta Brunch at Masa in Woburn a couple of weeks back, I decided to try again today. Having previously being served inconsistent cooked poached and scrambled eggs, I did give up on them for a long time. The Fiesta Brunch, served on Saturdays and Sundays, are really a tremendous deal! $7.95 for a two course meal with coffee or tea included and a nice bread basket that comes with three different spreads.
              Despite asking for the scrambled eggs easy, they are back to their old ways and they where a long way off from being the advertised "creamy". Potatoes and the Caramelized Onions was perfect. The multigrain toast could have done with some butter.


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                Ate their brunch once and will never return.