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Mar 28, 2009 12:39 PM

Fox Point blend from Penzeys

Tried it?

We finally got a retail store in LA and so I got to go and stick my nose in all the pots -- even better than saving the shipping costs is they have a big jar of everything that you can open up and sniff. I'm not big on spice blends that I can combine myself but the Fox Point combo sounded versatile and smelled promising so I got some.

It's salt with dried shallots, chives, garlic onion and green peppercorns.

I really like it a lot. I'm adding it to the boxed soups of puréed veggies that I sip constantly. It's a nice addition to salads or vinaigrettes and even a nice note to sprinkle on sandwiches.

Try it if you've a mind to and if you don't have a Penzeys where you can go and sniff for yourselves.

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    1. Hi! Fellow Penzeys fan here. Those of you who like the idea of this spice, but prefer salt-free, look for Sunny Paris. And Avalondaughter is right on--it's amazing with eggs! Sunny Paris can also be used as a vegetable dip, salad dressing and marinade. Delicious and versatile.

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        Thanks for posting this! I am fortunate to have a Penzey's retail store in the next zip code from my home, so I will look for these next time I am over that way.

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          Thanks. Didn't know about that alternative.

          I'm one of those people who can not get enough salt into my body no matter what anyone has to say about whether that's a good idea or not. At 62 I don't think I've had a day of high blood pressure either.

          But I'm sure Sunny Paris is going to be a much better alternative for many.

        2. Your post inspired me to grab my bottle of Fox Point (which I'd forgotten about) and put it on the counter to do ??? something ??? with it.

          We were grilling flat iron steaks for supper and I had some beautiful asparagus .... something noodle-ish would be a great accompaniment. The combination of sour cream, Fox Point, fresh scallions parsley & dill mixed with grated Monterey Jack cheese and stirred into the cooked pasta made a great, easy-to-do side dish.

          Thanks for reminding me to use this.

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            Speaking of asparagus, we sometimes spray ours with olive oil, sprinkle with Country French Vinaigrette seasoning (also from Penzeys) and roast in the oven. Bet this would work with Sunny Paris/Fox Point, too.

          2. You sound like my son! He's a great little cook and loves the Fox Point. I had to laugh when he asked houseguests if they would like Fox Point on their eggs in the morning.

            I never thought I would EVER buy a blended seasonings but I've gotten quite a few from Penzeys. I just ordered a pepper blend with shallot and tarragon that sounds wonderful. I'll try to report back on that one.

            1. I love the Fox Point seasoning. Like others have mentioned, eggs are where I use it the most, but it's also good on pasta, chicken, and lots of other dishes.