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Mar 28, 2009 11:52 AM

Japan 4 days

hey guys i am going to be visiting japan for four days, and was wondering if you guys could help me setup a itinerery. I am goin to stay in the Westin tokyo, which is i guess is near roppongi, i would like to hit atleast 3 restaurants a night. The first night i was thinking about finding a izakaya, yakitori and some cool bars in a close area to the hotel, because we are going to be getting in late. On the second i was planning on visiting tsukiji and was wondering if you could suggest some sushi at the market and wanted to try some street food, soba and ramen. We will be traveling to kyoto on the third day, wanting to try some kaiseki cuisine but something that won't break the bank and any other must eats in kyoto. On the last wanted to try a really nice sushi. Any information would be greatly appreciated. thanks guys.

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  1. 3 restaurants a night?

    1. Good luck with your food adventure in Japan! Westin is in Ebisu and there are tons of good restaurants there! Bento is definitely a good place to start.

      At Tsukiji, you need to wait in line for most of the sushi restaurants in the guide book, like Daiwa. I went to Iwasa at Ichigo-kan next to the curry shop last time, and it was good and no line! Tsukiji jogai has street foods like oden or donburi shop, too.

      I think can give you some ideas where to go in Kyoto for food and must eats in Kyoto!
      Have fun!