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Mar 28, 2009 11:13 AM

It's spring! How about a fresh new Costco best buys thread?

I love the old thread but it is getting looong. Hope it is okay to start a new one. I have been enjoying the double chocolate creme pie, berry creme pie and Prime steaks! I was eyeing a shrimp with fettuccini casserole yesterday, it was topped with a lot of shrimp for the price, in the prepared foods section. Anyone try it? I was also curious about the seven layer bean dip, looked tasty. I tried a sample of the chicken tortilla soup made from their leftover chickens. It hit the spot but that big container seemed daunting. Maybe next time. The prime steaks are the really big deal. Thanks to the fellow hound who pointed out that they are often mixed in with the choice ones, but in blue trays.

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  1. Tell me more about this berry creme pie, if you would!

    As I mentioned toward the end of the huge old thread, I just recently got a Costco membership as a birthday present, and I've already treated myself to good genoa salami and provolone cheese that are much cheaper per-pound than Publix, excellent guacamole (3 pounds!), and a huge bag of the best pita bread I've ever had outside of good Greek restaurants.

    I'm moving in April so I don't want to stock up on anything big now, but once I'm situated in my new place, I look forward to purchasing more of my groceries at Costco. I already see it's the place to go for EVOO and balsamic vinegar, and someone mentioned the butchers will sell you a 10-pound tube of extra-lean ground beef for something like $2 per pound. I will totally stock up and divide it into 1-pound portions for freezing, if that is the case.

    Has anyone seen Cahill's Irish Porter Cheddar in their cheese section? I got some last year (2008) for a St. Patrick's Day party, but didn't see any when I went to Costco on March 18th this year. They had Cahill's Irish Whiskey Cheddar, but I was really hoping to find the Porter cheddar again. Whole Foods and Fresh Market have never even heard of it!

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      The pie is covered with strawberries and blueberries with a light filling. When I opened it up I was blasted by the smell of fresh strawberries. I want to get another one but it is so big! I don't know if it would freeze well so I am waiting until I have more help devouring the pie. Maybe for Easter. It was fun eating in the little food court this week. The hand dipped chocolate and almond ice cream bars finally arrived at my Costco along with a lot of little trees and shrubs. Trees kept moving past me as I slowly nibbled on my ice cream bar.

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        Rest. Depot in Jax had the porter cheese, I know the one in Orl and Jax are the same dist. and probably carry the same merch. If you know anyone w/access to rest. depot.

      2. I was served the shrimp with fettuccini at a friend's home. It may have been the heating of it, but I thought the shrimp (layered on top of the pasta were dry, overcooked, and not well integrated into the overall flavors of the pasta.

        The pasta & sauce were okay so I just gave the shrimp to their dogs as a treat and helped myself to more pasta. Yes, LOTS of shrimp,

        1. I picked up a big tub of avocado cilantro hummus there the other day. If you love cilantro and hummus, you must try this. Beautiful green color and great flavor combination. I had it w/ some of the Greek pita an earlier poster mentioned (I toasted the pita, and cut it into wedges). I could easily sit down w/ a spoon and finish off that huge container in no time!

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            What is the brand of the avocado cilantro hummus? Sounds great.

            1. re: Mayflour

              It's by Babo Foods. I also picked up some of their regular hummus, which is good but I think TJ's is better.

          2. They have a pork BBQ in their freezer section which is pretty darn tasty! It's vacuum sealed, so I guess it will keep for quite some time. I just threw it in the oven and 25 minutes later, I was rockin'! As far as consistency, it seems to be a bit of a sloppy, gooey "rub". It doesn't have the smooth consistency of a sauce, but it's slightly gritty, so I guess it does have some of the texture of a rub. It is very sweet and the meat is very tender.

            It's fast food to be sure, extremely sugary and very tasty. A guilty pleasure as they say. Enjoy it as fast, convenient food, not as authentic, regional barbecue.

            It's probably even tastier still over an actual fire, but I didn't bother.

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              It was probably Curly's, pretty good stuff. I also like that some Costco's carry USDA Prime beef.

            2. Kettle Sweet Maui Onion Potato Chips.
              Come to Momma!
              These are so, so good. I can stop at a handful because they are huge, deliciously tasty and have heft (and I will too if I don't stop at a handful!)

              On the other hand, I picked up a disappointing bag of Terra Chips that same trip. I have not bought these in a while, but I don't remember them being so potpourri-ish. They are small, crumbly pieces and just kind of blah. Are they always so small and annoying?