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Mar 28, 2009 10:42 AM

Rasika in DC

Going to Rasika tonight. Any suggestions/reviews?

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  1. This restaurant has been chatted about a lot on this board. Why don't you do a search?

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    1. re: Jacey

      I loved their appetizer spinach, tandoori lamb chops (although they are small- there is an option of 2 or 3 chops) and the chocolate samosa for dessert is AMAZING-if you are a chocolate lover it is awesome. Have fun.

    2. If it's still on the menu, don't miss the Asparagus Upatam (sp?), it's a lentil pancake covered in asparagus slices and other things that are incredible. Twice I've ordered the Lamb Curry, and am convinced its cooked all day and is the best curry in the USA.