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Mar 28, 2009 10:12 AM

Live Oak Beer With Your Food

Where do you go to pair your Austin made beer with food? I'm not talking about the official pairings like they do at North by Northwest.

I'm certain that's really good but I'm thinking about sitting at a bar with a plate of perfectly fried chicken wings and a pint of Live Oak Big Bark.

Know a place that offers Real Ale Coffee Porter and carefully rendered Carne Guisada?

A platter of Fried Catfish and a pint of Live Oak Pilz?

I've spent the last couple weeks on the hoof,walking in and out of bars,quaffing pints and eating a few bites of food.I've been chagrined to see the number of places that have a wall of taps and not a single Live Oak.It blows my mind that this incredible Austin resource is so underutilized.

To be fair Independence and 512 are fine breweries and deserve every tap they've fought for and I'm interested in hearing from their advocates but I'm really looking for places that have the Live Oak and/or Real Ale family on the wall and of course delicious food.

What local beer do you champion?

Where do you drink it?

What food do you pair it with?

This whole thing came over me while I was sitting at Giddy ups eating a bowl of jerky and drinking a Lonestar.

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  1. Billy's on Burnet carries a lot of the local brews, as does the Alamo Drafthouse on Lake Creek.

    At Billy's, I'm fond of most of their burgers and the shag wings. Probably not a normal pairing, but the thought of a Live Oak Hefeweizen paired with an Ends burger is making me drool. A Live Oak big bark would probably pair well too. At the Alamo, I generally ask for whatever seasonal Real Ale they've got on draft and go for a sandwich or pizza...not much thought given to the pairing.

    I'm not sure if I really have a particular beer that I champion, but I do favor Real Ale's Fireman's 4 a lot and was over the moon when they finally started bottling it. Pairs wonderfully with anything spicy, like wings.

    When more Austin places start serving Southern Star on draft, I will begin to champion that as it's a start-up from my hometown and I think they make a good pale ale.

    Opal Divine's also carries a pretty good selection of local beers, but I have never been impressed by their food. The same goes with Uncle Billy's, which has a big selection of local brews along with their own drafts, due in part to the brewmaster being the founder of Live Oak.

    1. Salvation Pizza offers three or four different types of Live Oak on tap -- half price from 4-6pm. I like the #6 pizza with italian sausage, onion, black olives and jalapenos.

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        Seconded. Sitting on the Salvation patio in spring with a spicy, spicy pie, a pitcher of Live oak Hef, and a pile of lemons is a requirement for fully living.

      2. Flying Saucer with a proper Usingers bratwurst.

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          If you've got fifty dollars burning a hole in your pocket you might consider the following:

          Whole hog party with beer pairings.

        2. I always enjoy a pint of Big Bark with my fried fish and raw oysters at Quality Seafood.

          1. IMO the best place in all of Austin to accomplish what you are referring to is Zax Pints & Plates. Zax continues to be a delightful place to have a meal, regardless of whether you drink beer or not. Solid all around, it never disappoints.

            I was there this past Saturday and tried for the first time the Real Ale Dunkel Roggen and the 512 Pecan Porter. Both fresh out of the tap, both delicious. Live Oak is also well represented.