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Mar 28, 2009 10:00 AM

Tried to make homemade fruit soda this week

I bought frozen blackberries and blended it with sugar, lemon juice, ice and club soda. It was nice and refreshing but very very bland. Not like juices/sodas/drinks you buy or have at restaurants. Was I missing something crucial? It wasn't that sweet and I know I could have improved that with more sugar but it really was bland in "flavor" other than the sweetness. Could it have been the quality of frozen fruit?

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  1. Could have been the frozen fruit. Did you cook it or just blend it? I usually cook the fruit into a syrup for homemade sodas.

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    1. re: lucygoosey

      Ah. what a great suggestion!! I totally didn't think of that. I just put the frozen fruit right into the blender? When you cook it, I'm assuming it intensifies the flavor? What else do you add to it?

      1. re: cups123

        It does intensify the flavor, plus it keeps well in a little jar. I just do fruit, sugar and a bit of lemon. I also make ginger and vanilla syrup for sodas.
        Having a few syrups around is great for company, especially if you have kids or drinkers and nondrinkers. People can choose combos like ginger peach, or cherry vanilla and drinkers can add vodka or tequila.
        I've also made rootbeer syrup and want to try cola next.

        1. re: lucygoosey

          What do you mix the syrup with? club soda?

          1. re: cups123

            I use an old school soda siphon. Club soda works but I think the siphon makes it fizzier especially if you go "full strength" w/ the syrup.
            Also the siphon is cheaper and greener and just plain fun. It gives me a chance to indulge one of my 3 stooges fantasies. I scored mine at a yard sale brand new for a quarter but there's several places online that sell them and replacement cartridges.