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Mar 28, 2009 09:46 AM

Where to get Nissan or Zojirushi coffee thermos in Toronto?

Hey. I'm looking for a really good 16-oz thermos for coffee. Some looking online suggests that really good ones are the Thermos Nissan model, or the Zojorushi Tuff Slim.

But I haven't been able to find either of these anywhere inToronto. Anyone have suggestions of places that might carry them?

I'm mostly around downtown and Parkdale, but glad to go elsewhere if needed.

(Alternately - if anyone can recommend another really good 16 oz coffee thermos that you *can* find in town, let me know...)

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  1. Check the Zojirushi website then see what Mika's Japanese Gifts can do for you. They're in MIssissauga--not close--but their prices are good. They also carry Tiger ss thermos models.

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    1. re: Kagemusha

      I checked the Zojirushi site and checked the local stores they list that are close(ish) to me, but no luck.

    2. Sasmart in Kensington Mkt is known for having a great selection of replacement parts for the old glass-lined Thermoses, so they might have some newer ones as well. Worth checking out.

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      1. You can find Thermos Nissan at T&T.

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          Maybe I'll try them. A bit out of my way, but not too bad....

          1. re: ManInSuit

            (Oh - I just checked the map. Not as far out of my way as I'd thought. Plus I've never been, and is sounds like a fun place to see!)

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              You might want to try Tap Phong on Spadina, they probably have a similar selection to T&T.

              1. re: tinybites

                I tried Tap phong. They don't have the Zojorushi Tuff Slim. They do have a 16 oz Termos-brand thermos, but not the Nissan line. (I think the one they have is called the everyday 570)

        2. Mountain Equipment Coop sell the smaller Thermos Pop-Top (same as the Nissan) for $27. I have both the of them. I can confirm it is the best flask I have ever had. It is especially useful when driving as with one hand you can pick it up, open it, drink from it, close it and throw it down on the seat beside you without taking your eyes from the road or having it drip. Keeps drinks hot for at least 4 hours, warm for 12.

          MEC has the best collection of flasks in the city. (At least I think so). They are all there as you walk in the door ready for the new season. But they do not ahve the two cup size. I know this because I was there last week looking for just that item.

          1. Have you checked Sanko on Queen Street? I am quite sure they would have something. You can first too..

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            1. re: Apple

              I tried Sanko. They carry a number of Zojirushi products, but didn't have the Tuff Slim Thermos.

              1. re: ManInSuit

                Dang - sorry Man in Suit - I thought I saw them there... I bought a thermos ms.bento from sanko - pretty sure they had it there :(