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Mar 28, 2009 09:44 AM

Breakfast Joynt - Scottsdale AZ

The Breakfast Joynt reportedly took over a location previously occupied by an offshoot of Taylor's. It seemed like Taylor's only lasted a few months, so, I went looking for the Breakfast Joynt, hoping it was still open. It was, and, a little after 8:00am on a Saturday, it seemed to be doing decent business.

I had the corned beef hash and eggs. I wouldn't get this again, because the hash was no better than canned. The preparation was very good, however. The eggs were perfectly fried, as ordered, and the hash browns were tasty. The food was delivered to my table, promptly, hot and fresh. Service was good, athough the waiter referred to me as "bud" and "bro"! They seemed to be overstaffed, maybe for the weekend breakfast rush that was about to come. The toast was actually a coarse grained whole wheat. The portion size was probably on the light side, which I consider a plus. I wasn't sure if biscuits and gravy might be included, due to the layout of the menu (they were not). I am trying to avoid the super large breakfast portions on a weekend, when I'm trying to relax, but, not fall asleep.

All in all, I'd say that I'd go back. There are other items on the menu that I'd like to try, and my breakfast was certainly better than what is offered by the chains. Has anybody had the Swedish pancakes with ligonberries or steel cut oatmeal?

More info here:

Taylor's Cafe
5053 N 44th St, Phoenix, AZ 85018

Breakfast Joynt
14891 N Northsight Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

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  1. We tried the Breakfast Joynt this weekend with the kids. We sat outside (they have several tables out front on the sidewalk) and enjoyed the cool morning. The menu is relatively small, although they have a stuffed apple pancake (it's huge) and some interesting looking crepes, including a chocolate chip.

    My wife and I split the yogurt parfait ($5.95), although the kids ate most of it, with yogurt, granola, strawberries and blueberries. It was very good, although the yogurt and granola were store bought. We also shared an omelet ($8.95). You can create your own omelet with as many items as you like. We had ours with chorizo, asparagus, spinach and mushrooms. It came with really good hash browns and a couple of pancakes. The omelet was great (egg whites at no extra cost). It was not huge, but tasted fresh and delicious. I kind of liked that the portions were not gigantic like they are at many breakfast places.

    The kids split the special - two eggs any style, bacon and a fresh waffle ($6.95). They ate it all, and they really liked the waffle.

    The sidewalk filled up as we were eating, but the restaurant itself wasn't packed. The family's consensus was it isn't as good as Butterfield's, but way better than Ihop (the kids love Ihop - multiple syrups on the table). We'll be back.


    1. I wanted to weigh in and give an update here. We tried this spot on two different occasions, first with the kiddies and second just me and my SO. Both times it was terribly underwhelming and we probably won't be back. Its a shame as this place is close to home and well done from a comfort and ambiance perspective. However, it all falls apart with the food. First, the good news - very little. The pancakes are passably good and are not half bad. They are not a drop dead must have, but at least a reason to come back. The parfait, as mentioned before, is very good, tasty and fresh. Yet, anybody can make a decent one at home in a minute.

      Now, the bad news. As expressed by the OP, the corn beef hash is some of the worst I've ever had and an embarrassment. It tasted either like dog food, cat food, or some bad tuna. Either way, it was GROSS. Also, what's with the horribly undercooked or overcooked shredded hashbrowns?! Normally, good shredded hash is a reason to get out of bed and can make mediocre breakfast spots really good. Unfortunately, these hash browns are terrible and even had a funny taste. Next came the over easy eggs. First time out, way overcooked, next time out, way too runny. A total disaster....

      Last, but not least, this place has absolutely no clue on how to cook eggs properly. My son's scrambled eggs were overcooked and tasteless, and my wife's omelet was ridiculously overcooked. This place has no business cooking eggs. That's it for now.

      1. It's a rare Sunday morning when we have the opportunity to go out for breakfast and even rarer when we're inspired to travel any sort of distance for said breakfast. But this morning we found ourselves with a rare Sunday wide open allowing a big breakfast and a planned errand in the Scottsdale off we went.

        We ended up at the Breakfast Joynt around 9:30. the morning crowd was already there but we pleasantly passed the wait time with some coffee from the coffee bar and watching the golf on the plasma TV.

        Our wait was a reasonable 15 minutes. The menu isn't overwhelming large but offers soem interesting options. My husband loves blueberry pancakes and couldn't pass those up since I, being a pancake purist, don't make them at home. I opted for the eggs with beans and pork green chile.

        The food came out really quickly and was hot. My eggs were a perfect over-medium. The pork was very tender and had a nice kick to it. Portion was quite large, I only made it through half. Husband was underwhelmed by the pancakes. the blueberry topping was good but the texture of the pancakes was off - more rubbery almost than fluffy.

        Service was fast and efficient. They can turn these tables fast here which was fine with us since we had some errands to run.

        Overall, it wasn't a bad breakfast. Not spectacular enough to lure us out of Chandler just for breakfast(sadly Richardson's was one of the few places we traveled for a weekend breakfast). I'd explore more of the egg dishes, but would avoid other pancake options if I did try it again.

        1. We ate there several months ago and had an equally bad experience. My husband's corned beef hash was truly awful - he declared it worse than the canned stuff. My pancakes were rubbery. When the waitress noticed that I had barely touched my pancakes, I told her they were rubbery. Her response: "I tried them this morning and they were really good!" Uhhhhh, here's a tip for you, waitress (and it's not the cash kind!) - don't argue w/ the customers! We live within a mile of the place and you couldn't pay us to eat there again.

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            We tried it once shortly after they opened. Weren't impressed and even less so when the waitress said they wanted to be come a chain like First Watch. Yeah, aim high.

            1. re: mdepsmom

              We also live within a mile. So, what's the best place to go nearby? BTW, I really like 4 Peaks, but its not a breakfast place per se, only on the occasional random weekend. Why can't breakfast places get it right. Come on. First hint about pretenders (for the most part) is when the butter and the jelly/jam comes in little packs. No true, self respecting breakfast joint does it that way. I will admit, my standards are pretty high as my house puts on a mean breakfast of just about any kind. I should start a new post, but my favs for breakfast (not in AZ, just for some background) are Pork Store and Baker Street Bistro (both SF, CA) and Angelo's in Ann Arbor. Just a couple of spots from my past. Best corned beef hash is found at the Pork Store. Best eggs bene (with salmon or traditional) is at Baker Street Bistro.

            2. I've been to the Breakfast Joynt with a co-worker a few times for lunch. We usually have good service, but when we went recently, it was very odd. The waiter took our order, came back about 20 minutes later to tell us that they were starting some fresh pasta, then basically avoided us for another 25 minutes until we called someone else over to ask what the problem was. Someone then explained to us that when we were first told that the pasta we ordered had to be restarted....they later changed the story to "we were out of pasta and someone went out to BUY some". What? They ended up giving it to us to go (our lunch hour was up by this point). We were shocked. Finally a manager ( a lady in black ) came over and apologized, told us the food was free and gave us business cards to come back for a meal on the house. Several weeks later we took them up on the offer, and knowing they were supposed to be wronging a right, they treated us very well. I have never been disappointed in the lunch menu - the pasta was awesome! I also love the Monte Cristo sandwich! We will go back.

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              1. re: AprilHull

                I still won't. If they don't start to get it right they will be gone.

                1. re: danieli10

                  Frankly, I'm surprised they've lasted this long.

                  I am looking forward to IHOP opening (taking over the former Islands location at Raintree/101, across the parking lot from Kohl's). I know lots of people on the boards don't like it, but I love their harvest grain and nut pancakes, and their pumpkin pancakes, while not as good as Mimi's, are better than most.

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                    Hey, quit piling on the Breakfast Joynt! :^) I go there about once a month for the Swedish pancakes with lingonberries, and the steel cut oats.

                    My thinking is that the neighborhood is a bit exclusive, and one of the things that gets excluded is good restaurant help. I'm surprised at the success of Butterfields, and I wish luck with regard to the new Over Easy.