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Mar 28, 2009 09:40 AM

why is wisteria in east cambridge closed?

does anyone know why wisteria in east cambridge closed? for the past few weeks, we have been craving their phenomenal 5 spice beef noodle soup, only to find that they are not picking up their phones and the lights are out and the door is locked. at least the weekends have been like this...

it's a really sad state when a craving is not fulfilled.

Wisteria House
569 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA 02141

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  1. IS the one at the Super 88 in Allston open or closed? I haven't been there in a while. If someone here has been there, it may be the place to satisfy that craving.

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    1. re: BostonZest

      I did eat at Wisteria at Super 88 about three weeks ago and it was going strong (and tasty!)

      1. re: BostonZest

        Super 88 stall was open and thriving as recently as last weekend, but I (somewhat uncharacteristically) haven't been in there since then.

        1. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

          I wonder if the cold winter and the lack of heating in the restaurant ruined their business. I went their twice over the winter. I am a hearty New Englander, but I found the place too cold and draughty both nights. At least one other table left when I has there since they found the cold unbearable. They did order take-out, but I wonder if they ever came back again.

          I had decided to wait until the spring before venturing down Cambridge St., but now it seems that is not an option. Right now I do miss the yellow chive dumplings.

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            When you go on Foodler (they deliver to Kendall), Foodler reads "never opens" and "never begins delivering". Hmmm...

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          Wisteria at Super 88 was open on Saturday (March 28).

        3. Hi, so the Cambridge branch is definitely closed for good. What about the Super 88 one? Thanks.

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              I'd use "going strong" loosely- the last few times I've been to 88, including Fri/Sat nites, the place has been packed and no one has ordered anything from Wisteria.

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                They do a pretty strong morning/lunchtime business. I eat lunch in the 88 food court up to 3-4 times a week and they're usually busier earlier in the day than they are in the afternoon or evening. One of those scallion pancake/beef rollups makes an excellent lunch, incidentally.

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                  will have to check out super88 for their beef noodle soup. i hear that mulan has good beef noodle soup too?

                  anyway, walked by the former east cambridge digs of wisteria -- it's now called unique restaurant, also serving northern chinese food, although much more americanized. it's looking pretty empty...

                  228 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02139