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replace bread crumbs w/polenta?

We are having friends for dinner, one who is gluten intolerant. I'm making meatballs that call for bread crumbs and was thinking of replacing them w/polenta. Anybody tried this or have other recommendations for what I can use instead of bread crumbs? Thanks!

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  1. I'd either omit the breadcrumbs or replace them with soaked or canned ground beans (white or black). I'm just guessing but the polenta may not absorb enough moisture in the time it takes for the meatballs to cook through leaving a gritty texture.

    1. I've used oatmeal in meatballs and meatloaf--but whether oatmeal is gluten free or not depends on who you ask.

      1. You could also try puffed rice cerea or rice cakesl whizzed in the food processor.

        1. When I cook for Celiac patients I use gluten free corn flakes in place of bread crumbs.
          If you're cookling for someone seriously afflicted be sure to read ALL labels of ALL ingredients. Gluten hides in some of the strangest places in packaged foods.

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              Soy and often tamari typically have wheat added to the soy beans. You must get wheat-free tamari.

          1. I would use cornflake crumbs.

            1. Can you use rice? Run that through the spice grinder.

              1. I wouldn't think cornmeal would absorb liquid that well when incorporated into a meatball (assuming it's uncooked polenta), and might end up being crunchy.

                I've used crushed rice cakes before.

                1. I know a place that uses potatoes - I'm guessing that they are precooked - or you could even use potato flakes - They are excellent meatballs.