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Mar 28, 2009 07:37 AM

Boxed Wine

I am looking to try some boxed wines that have been getting good press lately - particularly VRAC Cotes du Rhone and Cuvee de Pena. Has anyone tried these and, more importantly, anybody know where in the Miami-Boca corridor I can go to pick these up at a retail location?


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  1. We've been drinking "Bota" brand boxed wine (merlot&chard) for a while and think the value can't be beat.

    1. Not sure about the specific brands you mentioned, but I would suggest calling Total Wine in Boca on Military. They have a good box wine selection.

      1. Apparently boxed wine stays fresh much longer. I just yesterday saw the Bota Box and was curious. It is priced very low. I came home and googled boxed wines and am surprised at the positive reviews I have found.

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          If you want a nice surprise, try Target's Sauvingon Blanc in the box.

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            Hi cavandre. Wow. This is a good excuse to find the nearest Target! I love that store and I love Sauvignon Blanc. I will most definitely try this wine and come back here to share. Thank you.

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              I agree - Target Sauv Blanc in the fridge is always good to have around. Quick note: there is no way to tell how much you have had to drink (no end of the bottle since the box holds 3-4 bottles). Only have to learn that lesson once!

          2. I'm a Black Box Merlot fan, myself:

            If you look hard enough, it can be had for under $20

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