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Mar 28, 2009 05:52 AM

What's going on at the Baba Grill on Burbank Blvd, Van Nuys??

Every time I drive by this new Greek styled restaurant it seems to be alive with people. I've searched this board and haven't seen too much written about it and I'm curious about the food and was wondering if anyone has any advice on what tasted delicious to them. I live nearby and would love to know more. Thanks!

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  1. CK, I'm curious too. I stopped in when they first opened to get a "to go" menu, which they didn't have yet. But, some guy sitting at the "bar" said the food there was really good.

    Only problem for me is they're closed Friday night and Saturday afternoons for the sabbath, which are times I might want to eat there. One of these days I'll make it in and post my review.

    Anyone else thinking of taking one for the CH team?

    1. bump. Has anybody been to this place yet?

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        Yes, I've gotten food to go from there several times. Very good quality, but a little pricey.

        Have only tried their humuus plate w/falafel. The hummus is really good, almost as good as Hummus Bar and Grill. The falafels are really good..savory, green filling and perfectly cooked outside.

        We get a large, which costs $8.99. They give you a huge portion of hummus, six or seven nice sized falafel balls, tahina sauce, pita bread, and pickles. Is enough to feed me and the wifey.

        Their meats in the display case look really good, but haven't tried yet as I want to go in person to try these.

        Their help (esp. cashier named "Mor") are really, really nice.

        This place is Kosher, and so is closed Friday evening thru Saturday night, re-opening on Sunday mornings.