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Mar 28, 2009 05:24 AM

Recs in Fredericksburg

I'll be traveling to Fredericksburg this week for a five day vacation. Any recommendations on restaurants I should try or avoid? I was there a year ago but I know things change....

Thanks for all the tips.

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  1. We had a good meal at August E's a couple of weeks ago. Expensive for F'berg, but good food and the service was excellent.

    Not as upscale, but a cool place to have lunch outside, is Silver Creek Beer Garden. I had a very good german sausage combination plate with three kinds of sausage, german potatoes, purple cabbage and sauerkraut. A guy with a guitar singing Texas music sat on the porch performing.

    1. We were in Fredericksburg about a month ago and had a wonderful breakfast at the Rathskeller. I had delicious biscuits with gravy that reminded me of childhood. So tasty...

      Here's the link. There are some photos and the address but no menus as they reportedly change daily:

      1. The Fredericksburg Brewery had a terrific Chicken Fried Steak, and decent beer when my wife and I ate there.

        1. Der Lindenbaum in downtown is great German at good prices. Always dependable. Must go to Peach Tree for lunch! Awesome. They have a fabulous multi-grain bread!

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            Thanks for the recs. Quick question - I dined at the Herb House last year which was very nice. Has anyone been there recently?

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              Was at Der Lindenbaum yesterday, it was awful. The German potato salad was honey sweet and there Saurbraten special was so sickeningly sweet I had to send it back. Bread, brats and soup were OK, but it's definitely the Auslander for us next time.