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Mar 28, 2009 04:47 AM

Oyster Cabin, Uxbridge, MA:

Does anyone know if/when the new incarnation of the Oyster Cabin will open? They had an "Opening Soon" banner up a year ago, nothing since. What will it be?

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  1. I was by there last weekend. No sign or sign of life.

    1. A week or two ago I went by and someone was painting the outside, but no signs, or indications that re-opening is happening soon.

      1. Tough area for restaurants, the Cocke and Kettle is also available a couple miles up the road. That corridor is pretty dead overall, it is means to an end, not necessarily a final destination.

        I’m not sure this is the time to open anything in that area.

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        1. re: River19

          The Cocke 'n Kettle has been closed since summer, '08.

          1. re: Tunia

            By "available" I meant you could buy the place......that area is a dead spot for humans at this point.