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Mar 28, 2009 02:26 AM

Pre-Show in Greensboro

Good eats in Greensboro?

Near Coliseum if possible, but not necessary.

Locally owned and non-chain preferred.

Thanks to all posters!

Had one of the great meals of my life at the Ravenous Pig in Orlando from a Chowhound tip!

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  1. There is a wonderful italian restaurant alled Bianca's just a couple of blocks from the coliseum. It looks like a dump from the outside, but ignore that; the food is excellent.

    Otherwise, if you do a search on here you'll find lots of suggestions...Bistro Sofia, Undercurrent, Liberty Oak are a few good choices.

      1. re: quazi

        Bumping this because we are also looking for recs for a great, casual lunch, preferably a good place to catch a drink or two as well, near Coliseum before heading to a concert.

        Any ideas for something casual and good?

        1. re: miss piggy

          Southern Lights (105 Smyres Place) is a great, casual resturant not far from the coliseum. Its open for lunch on Monday through Friday (but not Saturday or Sunday), but I think its closed between 2:00 and 5:00, so they may or may not work for you. Fishbones (not Bonefish Grill, the chain) is located on Walker Avenue. Its a nice local seafood place with a good beer and wine selection. I'm not sure if they are open for lunch, might want to contact them and see. Natty Greene's, located downtown on Elm Street, might also be a good option. Its a brewpub with above average food.

            1. re: miss piggy

              Go to Lucky 32. It has everything you are looking for.

              From L32, one R turn and you are at GC.

      2. Its Easter Sunday so I am sure alot of places will be closed.Just grab some heady lot food.

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        1. re: Spreadhead

          Who said they would be in G'boro on Easter Sunday?

          1. re: carolinadawg

            Spreadhead's right...we're going to the Dead concert this Sunday. I keep forgetting it's Easter. A kind veggie burrito from Shakedown may be just what the doctor ordered. :)

            1. re: miss piggy

              I would think that lucky 32 and green valley grill are open on easter sunday. they are only about 7 min from the coliseum. I would rec green valley or fishbones over lucky. will get you to lucky and gvg websites

        2. Hope you found something we enjoyed the kind veggie burrotos and a nice 7 herb butter grilled cheeese in the Shakedown.