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Mar 28, 2009 01:06 AM

Ristorante ASO-signature dishes?

I may have to travel to Tokyo on late April. Just make a luncheon reservation at Ristorante ASO, in part due to the many compliments from fellow hound Asomaniac that ASO reigns supreme on the Italian scene in Tokyo. Will appreciate if anyone who has been there to recommend if I should just order the luncheon tasting menu or its ala carte menu. Will also appreciate if you let me know what are the must-try signature dishes on its ala carte menu.

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  1. I'm really busy today, but will respond during the week.

    1. Hi! I just joined this site and think your idea is terrific!! I am currently out of Tokyo for a few more weeks but will be back the middle of August. Would love to be part of your group!!!!!! Don`t know how this will work, but hope you can contact me back.