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Mar 27, 2009 11:33 PM

H n H BarBQue, N. Las Vegas

I was having a rough day at work and ended up with about a half hour for lunch. Fridays I've been filling in at our North Las Vegas office ( on Lake Mead). There aren't many places within a short walk, and I was determined not to have fast food. But then I remembered I had seen this BarBQue place and was off to H and H.

Its really a take-out place, although there is a picnic table or two nearby in the parking lot (on the edge of a strip mall in true Las Vegas fasion). Its on N. Las Vegas Blvd, just about a block north of Lake Mead. You can call your order in for pickup, go to the walk up window, or drive-through. I chose the latter option. Service was surprisingly fast, considering you don't order until you actually get to the window...

Ribs are always my first choice at a new BarBQue place. HnH's ribs are pork, but not baby back...). All of their meats (hot link, rib tips, chicken, brisket, and pulled pork) come in "Bail-out" and "Starvin" serving sizes. I was definitely "Starvin" so went for the larger serving. Probably a mistake...I couldn't finish. The server told me it was four ribs, but those are some of the biggest pork ribs I've ever seen if they were indeed four. Seemed more like seven or eight (they were cut in pieces). The meat was juicy and toothsome. I was glad I ordered sauce on the side (a vinegar-based sauce)...didn't need it. Very flavorful. Maybe a little too fatty, but hey, its pork! I plan to return to eat my way through the rest of the meat items. My meal came with a choice of two sides. Besides the usual suspects, they have goodies such as Black Eyed Peas, Fried Okra, Fried pickles, yams, etc. I settled for Collard greens (nice potlikker) and the Fried Okra. The latter consisted of bite-sized pieces of okra fried in a hush-puppy style batter...not a trace of grease. Yum! (especially dipped in that barbque sauce...). My meal also came with a corn muffin...small but not too sweet and tasty. I washed it all down with a glass of sweet tea...It was all delicious! I think my truck still reeks of yummy q.

H n H also has a number of fried fish items: catfish, snapper, and well combos and sandwhiches. and buffalo wings. And the peach cobbler is waiting for me to try, I'm sure. There's even a catfish poboy!

Taco Fridays may have just become Q Fridays. And of course its perfect for take-out dinner after a long day at work!

Prices are dirt cheap. The "Starvin" rib meal was 10 bucks...including the corn muffin and two sides. It easily could have fed two. The "Bail-Out" meals are five to six bucks, depending on the meat. I think the most expensive thing on the menu is a five meat combo (!) for 18 bucks.

I say check it out.

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  1. I had some of their food last month at a soul food event at Fremont Street Expirence. I had the five meat combo with two sides and bread for about $20. I had the ribs, double order of brisket and double order of beef hot links with potato salad and mac and cheese. My only complaint was that the potato salad was mashed and not chunky, but still good. The mac and cheese was excllent and very creamy and not dried out. The meat was excellent and not dried out. My favorite was the brisket (maybe the Jew in me). I had enough food for three meals. H&H is highly recommended. If you do not like spicy food, avoid the beef hot links. You can see the specks of black pepper in it. I enjoy spicy food, so I enjoyed them.

    1. Sounds like a great find, Janet. Thanks!

      1. I happened on this thread a few days ago, and decided to combine a visit with a late drop-off at the nearby FedEx depot (Cheyenne/MLK). Well, it would have been nearby had I consulted a map, which would have reminded me that LV Blvd runs more E/W than N/S in that part of town and saved me a lot of backtracking. I digress.

        Walkup/driveup place (no seating except for outside). Large menu, painted on glass. Since they were out of pulled pork, I ordered a 3-way (ribs, brisket, and chicken) which came to all of $14, for a whole lot of pretty good meat. Very mild smoke flavor in all meats; chicken was very tender -- ribs and brisket less so, although there were some pieces of brisket that were more tender than the rest. I think that had a lot to do with how it was cut, as some of the more tender pieces were cut across the grain. The ribs were very meaty and had a great crust and good flavor. I liked being given a choice of white or dark meat chicken.

        I ordered greens and fried okra as sides. I loved the okra but didn’t try the greens. Wife didn’t care for the greens but thought the okra was OK (like anything fried, it was far better hot out of the fryer -- the trip home did it no good). Wife agreed that the beef was tough but had good flavor; she thought the ribs were really bacon-y.

        We’ll go back. I'm hoping that, true to authentic BBQ, it's a bit inconsistent and that the brisket is sometimes more tender.

        Thanks, JofR!