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Jun 8, 2004 09:10 PM

Looking for restaurants in Los Feliz

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We just moved from West Hollywood to Los Feliz, and we love it, but we're sort of at a loss for where to eat. All recommendations are appreciated. I know some staples like Yuca's, Palermos, Vermont... I'd love to know about good outdoor dining, or anything worth checking out.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Love Nicky D's wood burning oven pizza on Hyperion, can't remember the cross street. Great thin crust clam pizza and good panini sandwiches. They also have a lovely outdoor patio in back of the restaurant.

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      Nicki D's is actually on Rowena/Glendale in Silverlake. Second the recommendation -- they make the best pizza in the neighborhood.

      In Los Feliz, I like Il Capriccio (across the stree from Vermont Restaurant on Vermont) for family-run Southern Italian -- they have outdoor seating in front as well.

      1. re: DanaB

        Nicky D's is great! Love their crust! It's next to the store Clover. It's set back somewhat from the street so easy to miss. Despite having lived in Silverlake for many years, when I went back recently for Nicky D's, I actually missed it. I'd even been there before when it was Joe's (I think that was the name)! It was a Friday night and the place was pretty empty. Support this little neighborhood place in a tough location.

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          The food at Nicky D's is good but if you haven't been there before you should know it is very casual. You order at the counter and someone brings the food to your table. Just in case you're on a first date and are trying to impress someone.

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            Thanks for the recommendations!

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              Thanks for the recommendations!

      2. I made a similar move in October. Here are my new haunts:

        --Saito's (sushi) at Sunset and Fountain - for me,if you order what Saito suggests, some of the best in the city

        --Il Capriccio on Vermont for good, basic Italian (only $3 corkage)

        --Electric Lotus for decent Indian in a cool setting (I mostly just do takeout of Chicken Marsala during the week)

        --Farfalla for casual Italian - good neighborhood spot (again, I mostly do takeout but it's always active - I die for the eggplant parm - no idea why but it's like an addiction)

        --Cafe Los Feliz for great croissants in the morning and a smile from the ladies who run the tiny place

        --Madame Matisse in Silver Lake for brunch or an inexpensive BYO dinner on the wkends - good amt of outdoor seating

        --Blair's on Rowena in Silver Lake for the most upscale dining in the area - I am a big fan. Best fries around and solid bistro/neighborhood restaurant fare. I prefer to just eat at the bar or at a table in the bar area. Good beer selection and reasonable wine list.

        --Cafe Figaro for brunch (I've only had the quiche but it's very good. Attractive restaurant. Lots of people eat outside there.)

        --Cafe Tropical on Sunset in SL for good cuban coffee and killer egg and cheese croissant sandwiches (only for those who do not fear saturated fat;)

        --Pho Cafe and Rambutan Thai on Sunset for pretty solid takeout (but I think Pho only does a few things well - I just always get them). At Rambutan, there is good ambience as well. Pho is really trendy so expect action even on Mon. nights

        --Nicky D's on Rowena in SL - very good pizza. My friends from the westside beg for it when they come over.

        Also check out Silver Lake Wine on Glendale. Great selection and extremely helpful service.

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        1. re: Megan

          This is a good list.

          Nettie's (lunch and dinner, salads, sandwhiches and hot meals like blackened red snapper and drunken shrimp) and Back Door Bakery (which serves hot breakfasts, as well as coffee and pastries) at the South End of the Silverlake Reservoir also have outdoor dining. As does the Coffee Table on Rowena. IMO they are much nicer places to eat than along Sunset where Madame Matisse is (along with a lot of traffic). Coffee Table is a place you can really settle into and get some privacy and read the paper and whatnot. Make sure to go the back porch.

          Also in the area of the Coffee Table and Blairs is Say Cheese, next to the Trader Joe's on Hyperion. And Edendale Grill, which has a good open air, outdoor bar atmosphere and an okay weekend brunch (I wouldn't recommend eating there otherwise at all).

          Depending on where you are in Los Feliz you are as close to East Hollywood and many Thai and Armenian restaurants discussed elsewhere on this board as you are to the Silverlake area. Or you are as close to Atwater Village, where there is an India Sweets and Spices on Los Feliz, much discussed here for confusing service but with affordable quality food. In Atwater, there is also a Cuban place, Baracao, which I believe just got its liquor license, which has some outdoor seating and excellent and affordable Cuban sandwhiches and hot meals.

          There is a Cobras and Matadors (tapas) that has opened in Los Feliz too, but I've not yet been. And The Kitchen on Sunset next to the Sunset nursery.

          1. re: Megan

            if you go to Tropicale in Silverlake, the guave cream cheese tart is amazing!!! you can get it by the slice, but better to get a whole pie! you won't regret it.

          2. Someone else mentioned The Kitchen, at Sunset & Fountain. I heartily concur. Very good, updated comfort food.

            For breakfasts, Home on Hillhurst is an excellent choice (especially if the weather is decent) since most of the seating is outdoors in a courtyard.

            Mustard Seed Cafe is another breakfast favorite (get the Sunrise breakfast sandwich, which is killer) with a few sidewalk tables.

            1. I second the Blair's recommendation. It's great to sit at the bar and grab a few appetizers and have some wine. A little upscale.

              Il Capriccio is one of the best Italian places around - skip Palmero's unless you think Buca de Peppo is great, then you'd like it.

              I enjoy getting drinks and appetizers at Michael's Room, which is the bar at Hollywood Hills Cafe. The setting is much nicer than the restaurant's and the food is decent and service is awesome.

              Electric Lotus is horrible Indian, stay away from it. Totally overpriced as well.

              Brunch at La Belle Epoque is always good, great breads and pasteries.

              Hard Times Pizza and Nicky D's woodfired are both good, Nicky's is better, though.

              Cha Cha Cha has a festive atmosphere and good cuban faire, great for groups.

              Cafe Tropical for muffins, sandwiches, etc.

              Figaro for brunch, the best bread basket ever. Perfect french bread and pasteries, eggs, quiches, etc.

              Parus - vegetarian Indian food, very good and reasonably priced.

              Welcome to the neighborhood!

              1. There is also Cirxa, good cajun/creole food but don't expect much in the way of skilled waitstaff; Cafe Stella in the Sunset Junction area for okay French food; Casita del Campo for great margaritas; Tantra for Indian; Allegria for Mexican slop; El Cochinito for Cuban greasy spoon ..

                The list goes on..

                Welcome to the hood.