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Mar 27, 2009 09:24 PM

Where to eat near LA Live?

We are headed to a show at Club Nokia, very late on a Saturday night. Any recommendations about where to eat well around 10pm, walking distance from LA Live? Group of four yuppie foodies who enjoy most any type of food...full bar and good cocktails a must!

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  1. Rivera, hands down. Right across the street. Call and make sure they are serving at 10, but on a weekend I would bet money they are.

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      Eater LA just published that Rivera now has a late-night menu. Rivera.

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        what about Magnolia? we really like Magnolia's lounge area.. and the servers are soooo nice.. Then they have that ice cream sandwich for dessert!!! o yah!

    2. I'd goto the Edison for some food and great drinks. It's probably not walking distance, but it is very close.

      Within walking distance is Fleming's which is an ok steak house. It's no cut or maestro's but probably about the quality of Ruth's Chris. There is also the Original Pantry Cafe nearby for diner type food. I don't like it that much, but some on here enjoy it.

      Enjoy the Prince show!

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        It's interesting how different people like different things :) I feel that Fleming's is much better than either Cut or Maestros (all of them). Maestros is great, I simply perfer Fleming's sides and wet age steaks better. Cut is a WASTE OF Money. After spending close to 300 on drinks and appetizers as we waited for our 7:00 pm reservation (it was 8:30 when we left the bar and we still had not be sat) we left and went to Flemings for dinner. We were unimpressed with their lack of service and and lack of menu knowledge (this was a manager). This is a place to be seen, not to have a great meal.

      2. Definitely agree with Rivera. Excellent, creative food and impressive tequila selection.

        There's also Riordan's next door to the Original Pantry. Pretty good American food, heavy on the meat.

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          Thanks, all! Snagged a 10:15 reservation at Rivera...purple rain cocktails before purple rain encore ;-)

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            Sounds great. You may want to keep The Pantry in mind for after the show -- it is open 24/7. I think it is probably best for a simple breakfast -- eggs, potatoes, their sourdough bread, and they do a good ham steak.

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              Skip The Pantry and head over to Pacific Dining Car instead.

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              Reporting back, I have to say we were really disappointed with Rivera. The bar was great...super friendly bar staff, fun to watch, delicious cocktails, but everything went downhill fast once we sat down to eat. The kitchen was out of two dishes right off the bat, and had no substitutes or specials. We ordered a second round of drinks while we looked at the menus, which arrived well after our first dish. Everything about the service felt eternal. As we were ordering, yet another menu item disappeared. First course snack of homemade tortillas was delicious, but took forever to come (beat the drinks by a nose). Salad was mediocre, other appetizers were good, esp. the black beans that came with the quail, although one person's appetizer was served several minutes after the rest. Main courses arrived (finally!) with steaks overdone, side dishes cold and inedible, pork chops dry and completely overcooked. It felt like the kitchen had given up and gone home early, and there was someone back there just sending out whatever was left after a cursory rewarming under a heat lamp. The waitress was nice but inattentive, and only after we told her what an awful meal we had did she send us home with a bottle of sparkling wine. A nice gesture, but we were starving and grumpy after such a promising start. We won't be back except for a night at the bar. Next time we'll go to Flemings...boring, but at least a meal that wouldn't spoil our night.

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                Sorry about your experience - I'll think twice before trying Rivera now...

                Thanks for reporting back.

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                  Sorry to hear -- Rivera was going to be my LA Live rec too. The drinks and small plates are great in general, but the only larger plate I liked was the pork chop with mole (so rich and complex!). My advice was just to do a tapas-style small-plates meal there and have some desserts (the baba cachaca and creme catalan are pretty good), and of course, get some of their yummy drinks.

                  The purple rain is so much better when gin is subbed in for the listed vodka!

                  My Rivera blogpost:

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                    It may be an abberant experience - Rivera tends to be really good, the small courses in particular, and any restaurant will have run out of things late on a Saturday night. Of the larger dishes, the sous vide cochinito pibil is especially delicious

                    1. re: condiment

                      Rivera was great in all respects when we went on 5/16/09 (Saturday night), but I have seen a lot of mixed reviews on Chowhound. The cochinito pibil was exceptional as was the barbacoa (cocktail).

            3. For future reference, Roy's at 8th and Figueroa has excellent food and great cocktails (I love their mai tais and the passion fruit mojito) and there is now enough foot traffic in the area to feel safe walking. Morton's is a half-block further up, and is also a good combination of food and drinks.

              I just spent a week downtown for the figure skating championships, so got familiar with some of the places at LA Live. The Farm of Beverly Hills was reliable California food. (I don't recall if it has a bar.) The Lawry's Carvery was also good -- a surprise to me because I am not that big a fan of the original -- but it is more of a takeout place and not a drinks/food place. I did not go to the Yard House, but it received some good reports from other skating fans about its food and drinks.

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                I adore the food at the Roy's in Los Angeles. I sometimes don't think of it because it is a chain.

                1. re: Jwsel

                  I also really like Roy's. I tried the Yard House last week and found it suprisingly good for what it is. It's got a fairly large menu with Cheesecake Factory-size portions and everything we tried was good enough for what it was. Definitely leagues above ESPN Zone next door, where somehow even the water tastes terrible.

                2. I agree with Molly, both about Roy's and the Yard House - both are good solid options. Actually, Roy's is better than solid - it ranges from very good to excellent. Fleming's is decent although lacking in any kind of personality. The Farm I didn't like much and I thought that seafood place next door (I forget the name) was atrocious. I don't care for Riordan's Tavern's food, although the ambience is all right. Haven't tried Rivera or Magnolia yet...

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                    I did not mention the seafood restaurant in my earlier post, but now that you mention it, I heard a few reports during the week I was downtown and all were pretty negative.