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Mar 27, 2009 09:00 PM

Need Clear Cookie Sprinkles in SFV

Does anyone know the best resources for cookie decorations in the San Fernando Valley or Pasadena? An important weekend project requires cookies sprinkles that are clear and "just so." Thanks!

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  1. for the SFV try Kake Creations.
    For Pasadena start at California School of Culinary Arts. They should have suggestions for you. Let us know if these were helpful suggestions.

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    1. re: SIMIHOUND

      I would second Kake Creations; it's a bit "dive-y", but they have a lot of good/great stuff.

    2. Maybe Jane's Cakes and Chocolates in Montrose has what you need. Are you looking for sanding sugar? They have an awesome selection of sprinkles and decorating sugars. Also, some Williams-Sonoma stores may carry sanding sugar altho not sure if they have a simple

      1. Homegoods stores have lots of sprinkles & cake/cooks decorations in clear jars. There is one on Brand Blvd. in Glendale across from the Americana. I just bought some pale pink sugary sprinkles there. Maybe that would work for you, or they might have other colors. Near the cookies & candy at the front by the register.

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          Or Sur la table in Pasadena will have sprinkles too.

        2. Doubt this was your preferred choice, but Costco sells sprinkles, as well as a variety pack of colored sugars and decorations.

          betcha you could ask viktor benes' for something as well. gelson's and bristol farms also have good options.

          1. If you want the clear ones by Wilton's, the Michaels in Granada Hills carrries them. I bought a bottle a few weeks ago.