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Mar 27, 2009 08:49 PM

Disappointed in Wa's: My old favourite in Calgary

Wa's used to be my favourite sushi restaurant in Calgary. Not anymore, not after tonight's meal.

We used to go to Wa's all the times. However, after a dismayed birthday meal last year (it took them over an hour to serve us food), we haven't been back since.

We decided to give them another try to see things have improved since the drop of quality after their renovation.

The 4 of us ordered the unagi rolls, 2 nagomi maki (their assorted rolls), and a temaki sushi cones combo.

The unagi rolls were the best of the bunch. I remember they used to be melt in your mouth good though. Maybe there was too much sauce this time?

The nagomi maki on the other hand were bad. I found a huge bone inside one of the spicy tuna rolls, and the preparation was sloppy. It seemed like the chef was trying to rush the orders out. I didn't understand why though, the restaurant was only half full at 6pm, even though all the tables were reserved.

The temaki cones didn't impress me either; the tuna one didn't taste fresh and seemed fishy ... the quality overall was less than stellar.

I used to love Wa's. I had some very fond memories of the restaurant - but with so many better Japanese restaurants in Calgary nowadays, we probably will never return.

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  1. Sorry to hear. I like Wa's as well, for a more traditional sushi versus Blowfish, Globefish which, from what my brother tells me, is more new-age and dare I use the word 'fusion' sushi *eek*.

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      I prefer more traditional sushi more as well. Fusion sushi is fine, and the Blowfish and Globefish in the world has their places in Calgary dining scene, but nothing beats a well-cut, fresh piece of toro nigiri sushi.

    2. That's too bad. We were last there in December, and we had a great meal. Definitely gives us something to think about.

      1. my brother went last night, i'll see what he says about it now... he is an avid wa's fan as well...

        1. Since reading this post a couple of months back, I've been to Wa's a couple of times. My most recent visit was last night. They were very busy as it was a Fri night. You could not get in without reservations.

          Even though they were so busy, I didn't feel that the standards have slipped much and the service was very good. I ordered the tempura udon. The udon texture was as chewy and the broth as flavourful as usual. The tempura was nice and crisp. We also ordered some gyoza and they were tasty as usual. As well, we ordered some saba (makeral) and salmon sushi. Both were fresh and tender and the rice was the right texture as well.

          I would say Wa's is still my favourite Japanese restaurant in Calgary. I still haven't found better quality and authenticity here in Calgary compared to Wa's.

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          1. re: miss.foodie

            I'm glad to hear that you had a good time at Wa's. I just feel that they have been inconsistent for the last few times that I have been.

            We still like their Nagomi maki. We almost never order cooked food in Japanese restaurant, so I don't know how good Wa's Tempura and gyoza are.

            My new favourite is Zipang - for the last half dozens time that I have been, the sushi has been consistently good, authentic and fresh. Since I almost always only order nigiri sushi, I can't comment on their rolls and cooked food either. My dining companions told me they are good though.

            But I really enjoy Zipang's deluxe sushi combo (can't remember the name), which consists of uni, red tuna and raw prawn. They are also the only restaurant in Calgary that I know that deep fry their shrimp heads as snack ... sounds weird the first time I tried it, but it was like shrimp chips.

          2. Went to Wa's several weeks ago for dinner. We had the oysters which were small but the sauce and condiments were quite tasty. We ordered several rolls but it was nothing to rave about.

            The spider roll was a bit overpriced at over $30; however, the roll was certainly huge but still worked out to $5+ per piece. I had spider rolls from other places; some with the tempura claw ends while other places didn't. None of those places were that expensive for a spider roll.