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Mar 27, 2009 08:33 PM

Matzo ball soup (aka: I'm homesick)

I've been reading about Barry's, NE Soup Factory, Zaftig's and the like, but I need to know: where can I find the best matzo ball soup?

The denser the matzo balls the better. Really. I can't stand the fluffy ones. I prefer to have to cut them with my spoon with such force that I risk tipping the bowl. The broth should be hearty, hopefully made with chunky vegetables.

I live near Newton Centre, but I've got a car. Please help.

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  1. NE Soup Factory's matzo balls are pretty darn dense. They are huuuuuge - softball size. Oversized, almost... a bit too big for my liking. Rich, schmaltzy chicken broth, chunky vegetables. There's a NE Soup Factory on Needham St. in Newton Upper Falls.

    It should fit the bill. :)

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      Johnny's is pretty good, with the matzo balls medium-dense. If you are truly of the cannonball persuasion, you might need to go elsewhere.

      1. re: Prav

        I second/third the rec for NE Soup. We are tough critics and find them to be flawless. The broth (chicken noodle soup) is equally amazing.

      2. Barry's. No contest....and it's right in Newton. Let me know what you think.

        1. NE Soup Factory--hands-down. I work right near there and eat one almost weekly. Completely addicted.