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Mar 27, 2009 08:27 PM

Sacramento area burger help!

I'm currently visiting Sacto from Minnesota and am looking for advice on the best burger in the area. I have a car so don't limit yourself. Thanks!

If you ever visit the the Twin Cities of MN the best burger is either Matt's Bar or Shamrocks. Hadn pattied prime beef, local baked bun, cooked to a perfect , grilled onions and served with great fries.

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  1. i just saw man vs food and he went to matts and plan on trying it when go to minneapolis this summer.
    for sac, i'd say, ettore, waterboy, flaming grill, jamies, fords, alot of people like willies-me not so much, squeeze inn
    i know i'm missing some but that's all i can think of for now!

    1. My favorite is the L Burger made with beef, lamb and pork.
      L Wine Lounge
      1801 L St # 50
      Sacramento, CA 95811
      (916) 443-6970

      1. has had some reviews of burger places in the last couple of months.

        1. I assumed that you searched this board so you have seen previous posts like:

          Besides those mentioned, 33rd St. Bistro is my regular burger stop.

          Crawdad’s, which is floating on the river, has a good burger and is a fun stop in nice weather.

          1. Probably too late but we have had the best burgers at BJ's Brewpub in Elk Grove! I know...Elk Grove! The CA classic with bacon and cheese. Get the petite cut fries and one of their awesome beers.