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Mar 27, 2009 08:22 PM

Bar Charlie - "Date Night" april special?

just wondering if anyone has had the bar charlie $40 4-course special (and $25 wine pairing)? seems ridiculously cheap for mr. trotter... 4 courses at a kaiseki doesnt seem like it would be a lot of food. comments?

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  1. it was amazing! i went the other night (1st time) and the food was delicious. well worth it for $40 especially considering their normal prices. i want to do it again soon. hoping that they would switch up the courses for variety. although for $40...not sure bar charlie would do it.

    btw...most of the people seemed to get the $25 wine pairing. i didn't but seemed like a reasonable price to pay.

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      thanks. i am on the phone right now making a reservation. looks like it is only wed-fri and earlier in the evening but it still sounds like a pretty good deal.

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        please report back...i''m off to vegas in april and trying to plan out where we are eating this year. (such

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          odd -- I just made a reservation for a tuesday for "date night." so either they tricked me and it isn't really date night, or maybe it's tuesday - friday? hmmm...

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            I might try to check this out when I'm in Vegas next week... does anyone know if "date night" is limited to couples only, or will my whole group be able to do it? Also do I need to specify "date night" when I make the reservation? thanks!

      2. Just got back. Yes, I called for "date night" and was given it on a Tuesday. They said they could "bend the rules". There were few people there so i think thats why they extended it to Tuesday.

        Absolutely FANATASTIC meal experience for my wife and I. Service was impeccable AND friendly! The sommolier at Alex was by far more experienced and knowledgeable but at Bar Charlie he knew his stuff and was a genuinely nice guy who really wanted to help. Food was top notch. To answer my own question in the original post, I did leave feeling full (and maybe a little tipsy!) Were served an extra course by the chef. My wife doesnt eat red meat so they subbed hamachi for pork belly on the main dish.

        Wine pairings were great as well. The meal was the best value out of anything we did on our whole trip. If i only had one night in Vegas and money wasn't an issue I would go to Alex, Roubuchon or Savoy. Since money was an issue this let us go to Alex on one night, blow the budget and then to Bar Charlie on another (for only $40 plus a $25 wine pairing = about 1/3 price of Alex).

        Highly recommended if you like sushi/fish and very trendy cooking. Chef was quite quiet but the sous was very talkative and kept us company.

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          sounds lovely! I wish I had known about this but I don't remember seeing this on the Bar Charlie site when I was finalizing dinner plans last week for this past week.