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Mar 27, 2009 06:50 PM

Craft Crawl and Lunch

I collect teapots so I'm planning on visiting New Orleans craft galleries along with eating delicious meals. I have the names of a couple of galleries including locations plus gallery names with no locations (listed below). I'll be doing my gallery crawl after lunch so my question is: What great restaurant is located close to any of the galleries below? That gallery will become my starting point.

I'm not inclined to stand in a major line to get a seat or make a purchase, but other than that I'm open to all suggestions.

Nuance Lousiana Artisan Gallery in the Riverbend area
(where St. Charles and Carrollton Avenues curve into one another)
Lousiana Artworks in the Warehouse District
Thomas Mann Gallery -- location ???
Carol Robinson Gallery -- location ???
Southern Craft and Design at New Orleans Odgen Museum of Southern Art --
location ???

If I can't visit all the galleries listed, which ones would you recommend I make sure to visit considering my primary focus is ceramic teapots?

And one last food question: Are there any good pastry shops/cafes/whatevers near any of the other galleries for a mid-afternoon snack?

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  1. Perhaps I made my request too complicated by linking it to the location of specific craft galleries. Put another way, where would you eat lunch on a weekday in the Riverbend District? in the Warehouse District? Thanks!

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      Boucherie would be great for lunch. I adore their boudin balls and their pomme frites. Their ribs are so delicous too. I didn't care for the bbq shrimp poboy though but everything else was excellent. It's a nice clean friendly place. Perfect for a ladies' luncheon.


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        I followed the link you provided, and I have to say that menu looks amazing. Incidentally, the "we" is my husband and me, two senior citizens who are adventuresome eaters, but not especially into dubious locations or down and dirty atmosphere.

        Can you clarify the location of the restaurant? After the street address on your link, there are the words "Uptown/River Bend" Other restaurant lists I've looked at treat those two areas as two separate places.

    2. http://www.nomenu.com/RestaurantsOpen...


      the above links are to restaurant listings in each of the areas you asked about. there are plenty of good options in each neighborhood.

      if you are gallery hopping along Magazine St., then check out these:

      are you taking a car, streetcar or cabbing it?

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        Almost certainly cabbing it. Does that suggest a specific restaurant recommendation?

        The craft galleries I included in my original post were all cited in an article about the NO craft scene in American Craft, the publication of the American Craft Council. Unless either the Thomas Mann Gallery or the Carol Robinson Gallery is on Magazine Street, I'm not planning on going there.

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            for a listing of what's on Magazine St.
            you can pick up their guide and map at just about any shop on Magazine St.

      2. There's that new cupcake place - on Magazine I think. My old computer crashed and I had it saved on my faves there. We stopped in there the week after Christmas and they were really good. Someone here can tell you the name, it's fairly new.

        I'd opt for Creole Creamery though, it's freaking awesome.


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          I would say your lunch options depend on your transportation, but if you're in the Riverbend area and want Vietnamese food [which is really good here], Jazmine Cafe is pretty decent. It's right on the corner of St. Charles and Carrollton, which means it's on the streetcar line.

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            Thanks, but there's a huge Vietnamese community in the Washington DC suburbs. As a result, my hometown Vietnamese food is arguably tied with west coast destinations for best in the nation.

            My primary focus is traditional and updated NO cuisine. However, I'm quite intrigued by Creole Italian. I will be heading to NO two days after having spent 2 weeks in Italy, and I'm curious about this local variation. After having feasted in Italy, what might my reaction be to someplace like Vincent's?

        2. I would go to Boucherie for lunch, then hit your Nuance place (walkable, if you like to walk, about 3/4 of a mile-- and I know, I live in the hood and that's my running route). Both are right off Carrollton Ave, so you could also take the streetcar between them. There are about 40 restaurants in that neighborhood, many within 2 blocks of Nuance, so if you'd rather have something closer, say so. Vincents is about 4 blocks away. I have not been to Italy, but my impression is that Creole Italian is very different than Italian italian.

          After lunch, head back toward downtown, stop at Carol Robinson (off Magazine on Napoleon), then to maybe Sucre or La Divina for a mid-afternoon snack. Or I might backtrack a few blocks to La Boulangerie. Then to Thomas Mann at Felicity St. Then back downtown to LA Artworks and the Ogden Museum. There are a ton of little shops on Magazine, you might find something surprising if you wander along there for a bit. Ask at the galleries.

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            While we'll probably cab from the hotel to our lunch destination, a 3/4 mile walk after lunch sounds just perfect! In fact, when we travel, my husband and I are great believers in the shoe-leather diet: We eat anything we want. We drink anything we want. We walk as much as possible.

            Saturday night, after our gallery crawl, we have dinner reservations at Stella so we've definitely got to prepare for that stellar experience by walking up an appetite. Thanks!