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Mar 27, 2009 06:12 PM

Need help picking East-Indian eatery in Edmonton for my birthday

My family's taking me out to dinner for my birthday this Saturday and I'd like to visit an East Indian restaurant. My range of East-Indian restaurants in the past few years has pretty much been Dawaat, New Asian Village, Khazana's and Hawelli. I'd be interested in someplace new, if there are any East-Indian gems I've missed (which is very possible).

Since it's a birthday, I wouldn't mind a fancier-looking place. I'd prefer something central or in the west end if possible too, but that's not absolutely necessary.

Thanks for any advice. I have those restaurants mentioned above as fall-backs but I wouldn't mind someplace new!

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  1. I've always enjoyed Maurya Palace on the south side (34th Ave) and I hear Origin India on Whyte is a more upscale Indian experience.

    1. i'm with raidar - there are good ones on the south side - i like punjabi sweet house - and origin india on whyte might be interesting since it is new.

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        Oh and I'll second Punjab Sweets. I think I can feel the sugar overload when I dig in to their dessert counter. Hmmm!

      2. Thanks! It looks like we're going for Origin India on Whyte. (I'll have to try Maurya some other time, that also looks tempting)