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Mar 27, 2009 06:01 PM

Bridal Shower Help!

I am co-hosting a bridal shower that will be at 2:30 until probably 5:30 in May. 40 people will be invited. Any ideas on the menu selection? Thanks!

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  1. The good news is the timing means you don't have to serve a proper lunch or dinner. Make ahead finger foods are your friend. I did a similar thing for a baby shower and had a heavy finger food menu. Antipasta or a cheese and cracker platter or both are easy and the store does most of the work for you. For my soiree I made mini empanadas ahead of time, froze them, then popped them in the oven to bake when it was go time. Quiche would work too, pick a kind you can serve at room temp. Cook the day before, refrigerate and pull out an hour or two before serving.

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    1. At that time of day a tea would be lovely. Small fancy sandwiches, scones, big strawberries, and petite sweets. Iced tea, hot tea, lemonade and sparkling water round out the menu.

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        That does sound lovely and quite nice! I know this might sound stupid but for serving for drinks and food would you use paper? Regular glasses? What about for the tea? Thanks!

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          I agree, an afternoon tea would be wonderful...something not everyone has done before and a real treat. :)

          No one (at least no one I know) has service for 40. If your budget allows, I'd rent plates, cups, cutlery etc. My girlfriend rented dishes for a shower recently and the only thing she had to do afterwards was scrape/rinse and put them in the bins they were dropped off in. No dishwashing and no piles of paper goods to throw in the trash.

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            I agree that regular dishes, glassware and flatware are nicer, but again, this depends on your budget. If you and the co-host have an assortment of dishes and cups, a tea is one event that is charming with mixed china. Another thought is a trip to the 99 Cent Store. I have found great buys there, sometimes even cheaper than renting the equipment. My last choice would be disposable goods, but even so, there are some very attractive disposable paper and plastic dishes, etc. available.

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            I like the tea idea too just because showers are one of the few occasions that ladies do something like that. I love fancy sandwiches but only ever get to have them at bridal showers. I also love the assortment of dainties. I agree with strawberries and whipped cream with it would be nice.

            If you have a get together a few friends, you can have a sandwich making party the day before. You can make ribbon sandwiches and pinwheels , don't cut them ahead of time, wrap them in wax paper, place in a large container and cover the whole batch of sandwiches with a damp tea towel.

            We've typically made egg salad, salmon salad, minced ham, curried chicken with cranberries and asparagus with imperial cheese.

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              This thread has some great suggestions for a tea, and links to many recipes.


              I just posted a similar question a couple of weeks ago and got tons of awesome responses. The link to mine is above. Good luck with yours!