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Mar 27, 2009 05:52 PM

Wedding weekend brunch in Newport

Hello fellow Chowhounders,

My fiancé and I are getting married in Newport, RI this October, and we're trying to find a good place to hold a brunch over the weekend for 80-90 people. We're looking for great food and a nice atmosphere (would be great to have a nice view!), but nothing overly formal. So far, what we've found is incredibly expensive -- the Tennis Hall of Fame, which charges $4500 for the space itself (nevermind catering fees) and the Chanler House hotel, which requires a minimum food and drink charge of $8500 (though I think this would have been too formal for us anyway). Are there other, more reasonable options we have overlooked? Thank you!!


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  1. You may have to be sponsered, but have you looked into the Officers Club?

    Another option the Newport Yacht Club.

    I have only atteneded as a guest at both places so don't have details. One more thought would be the Hyatt, don't know what they offer or how much, but you never know what could be arranged.

    1. Hi Melinda--I have had a lot of meetings/events in Newport for our business and I have found that the Seaman's Church Institute is a great spot. It is right in the heart of downtown on market square on Bowen's Wharf. WHile is is not the Chanler by any means, They have a nice dining room downstairs and a library upstairs that I've used for some meetings/cocktail parties. During the week it is a small cafe from which they bring soup for folks working on the docks (since the 1800's I believe). It is empty on the weekends. They rent the place for under 1K and you can bring in your own catering, booze etc. Jack is very nice over there--take a look--his number is 847 4260. All the money goes to this very wonderful organization too- October is such a nice month to be here, good luck!

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      1. You should check out Forty One North. Their space is great and they are easy to deal with.

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          Yikes, 41 North will be as expensive as the ones she mentioned earlier....

          I know that you first asked back in march, but incase you haven't settled ona place,
          try the La Forge Casino. They might be able to accomodate you in their back room, and it overlooks the Tennis Hall of Fame exhibition courts and won't have to pay extra for that.