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Mar 27, 2009 04:57 PM

Tubby Dog Calgary

Hello Everyone!

My SO and I didn't know where to eat last night and I remember someone mentioning Tubby Dog on 17 Ave S.W. We figured we should try it out and I'm glad we did.

All they do is hot dogs and very good ones I might add. I had their TUBBY DOG which was $6.75, it consists with homemade chili, bacon, cheese, onion and mustard. My SO had their SUMO at $6.50, it had Japanese mayo, wasabi, pickled ginger, lightly toasted sesame seeds. We also ordered their T- Rings and Yam Fries which are $4.50/ per order, but the nice guy at the till said we can do like a half-and-half of one order. Their atmosphere is very much laid back and almost 50's retro with the attitude of "Juno"- the movie.... you have to go see it for yourself.

Overall impression, their TUBBY DOG was heart wrenching, artery clogging, good. The amount of all the condiments were equally balanced. You can also taste that their dogs were also grilled, not boiled in water. The SUMO DOG however wasn't as good as their TUBBY DOG, I'm sure they diluted the wasabi (which is a good thing), but I still couldn't get used to taste of wasabi in my mouth. Their T-Rings and Yam Fries are a must though, their T-Rings which are onion rings were... like a crispy donut, only more savory. Their Yam Fries were sliced very thin and flat. Not like your typical fry, but like a chip, but not crispy like a chip. Anyhow, also very very good. For a quick bite to eat and to chill out with friends I would recommend this place. The only thing is that they take cash, and they do have street parking in front of it which of course is available after certain hours. They also have this hot dog that I read on the menu that's called "Sherm's Ultimate Gripper" it's described on the menu as "a hot dog that's wrapped in bacon, deep fried, topped with ham, homemade chili, cheese, mustard, bacon, hot peppers, onions and a fried egg." I think I might try that one next time I go, but if someone already has, let me know!!!!

Tubby Dog

1022 17 Avenue SW
Calgary, AB T2T 0A5, Canada
(403) 244-0694

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  1. I have tried the ultimate gripper. It is an adventure and definitely worth a try. As I call it, heart attack on a bun.

    However my preception is that their quality isn't as good as when they first opened when I was there last time. They have also increased their price.

    1. Yeah, I've also had Sherm place his ultimate grip around my heart. It's a challenge.

      Usually, I go for the Big Ukey, a great, actually homemade (according to the owner) Ukrainian sausage. Have them pile it up with sauerkraut and mustard (wish they had Dijon).

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      1. re: Leibowitz

        The Ultimate Gripper is legendary but make you ask them to top it (or any of their dogs) with Cap'n Crunch. So good.

        1. re: DeeDub

          yeah, my personal fav is the cap'n dog (pb+j and cap'n crunch). sweet and savoury! of course, i love their eponymous dog too.