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Mar 27, 2009 04:37 PM

Where to buy Baguette for Bahn Mi

I keep coming back to this Chowhound recipe for Bahn Mi.

The image of the sandwich haunts me... I MUST have a go at making my own sandwiches. When I go back and look at the picture I can taste the crusty, roasty savouriness of good baguette. My challenge is, not being a bread expert, I don't know where to get some great buns/rolls that have the crust but not yeasty bready-ness.

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  1. If you're looking for the same type of bread that the bahn mi places in T.O. use, I know for sure that T & T carries it. Also, you could probably get some from the places that sell the bahn mi, such as Rose Café on Broadview, south of Gerrard, or any of the bahn mi places in Chinatown west. In the photo you posted above, on the other hand, it does not look like the bread that was used was the typical bahn mi bread. Instead, it looks like a more classic french baguette - try Le Comptoir de Celestin, Bonjour Brioche, Thuet, ACE, etc., etc... It all depends on whether you want to create an authentic bahn mi or not. Try Rose Café for a good example.

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      In Chinatown East (Gerrard & Broadview) there are several vietnamese bakeries. You can get the exact same bread used in the bahn mi. They're 40c each at the place where I get them.

    2. Where are you located? red earth is right any place that has banh mi will sell the bread as well. The T & T in Markham ( Middlefield one) has a banh mi shop right next to it. They sell everything from the pate to the pickled veggies.

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        What i don't like about the bread from the regular sandwich is the way the crust is so brittle and crumbly. I usually make a mess eating them.
        I was hoping there was such a thing as a baguette that doesn't have too much body while surrounded by a regular toasty crust. Oh well, if I have to scoop out a baguette that's what I'll do...

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          If you have a Costco membership, they have recently started to produce their own baked "artisan-style" breads (at least the location near Royal York and Queensway has), which are pretty darn good. Their baguette is not quite as dense as many I've tried, but still tasty. It might do the trick. Otherwise, IMO I think that perhaps the ACE baguette would come closest to what you seek. Good luck, and keep us informed of your progress towards achieving bahn mi perfection!

      2. Metro, No Frills and Sobeys near me all have baguettes.

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        1. re: Crispy skin

          Actually, my No Frills makes a "parisian" or something loaf - slightly flatter and wider than a baguette, so it's a little better suited for sandwich-making, and it seems like when I toast one up in my oven it comes out about the same consistency as banh mi bread, shattering crust and all. Untoasted, it might be just what you're looking for.

        2. As far as I can tell, most of the Ginger locations use bread from the Portuguese bakeries to make their banh mi. A place like Nova Era or Golden Wheat might be worth a try, as I regularly see plastic bags with these logos on them in the restaurant.

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          1. re: thora

            I actually prefer that version of the bahn mi than the baguette version, which I find too dry.

          2. Tung Hing Bakery at North York Sheridan Mall on North side of Wilson and West of Jane. 3 Baugettes for $1 or $0.4 each. You can buy as many as you like. If you goggle
            Tiem Banh Dong Khanh, they have two other locations in East Chinatown. At Nguyen Huong, they are not willing to sell you more than 3.

            Tung Hing
            674 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4M, CA

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              Thanks. I'll check out the TBDK on Broadview.

              While we're on the topic of Vietnam and bread, while I was there I was served for breakfast a bun the size of a football but was light as anything, consisting mostly of crust. I've never before seen anything like this nor have I since. It was amazing.