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Mar 27, 2009 03:41 PM

Good Pate?? Calgary

So, I just got back from another fabulous lunch at Mercato and had their Pate as a starter today. It was spectacular!!! So, naturally I asked if they sell it in the store. And of course, the answer is a big fat no. So now I am super unimpressed and was wondering if you all have any favorite pates and where you buy them.

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  1. i would imagine the pat├ęs from l'├ępicerie (made in-house) and also from bite in Inglewood are good, but i haven't tried them yet...

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      They're SUPERB and they LOVE to give out generous samples!!!

    2. I swear by the Wild Boar Pate by Valbella meats, can find it all over the city at various spots but I am sure you have tried it before, mind you I can only compare it to the gross goo that Safeway brand that tastes very funky.

      1. L'Epicerie has some fantastic pates! As well as some of their other items.. You can refer to a previous post...

        1. Although many of Janice Beaton's products are so over priced as to be absurd...

          There are a few pates available at each store that are quite good. Made in Quebec, very tasty. Also, they aren't crazy expensive.

          I don't mean to pick on her operation exactly, it's just that many Calgarians have more money than brains. After a while, for me anyways, not rewarding exploitive pricing is a bit of a principle thing. Cry me a river about overhead and all that stuff. Not my problem.

          The manager of Osteria de Medeci was whining in the Herald the other day... Unbelievable.

          1. Definitely try the duck pate at Fleur de Sel. (Bring a friend - it's a splitter.) Maybe if you're extra nice to Patrice (the owner)...