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Mar 27, 2009 03:31 PM

take-out in the North End?

This may seem like a silly question, but I'm a North End newbie despite my 4 years living in Boston, but do most of the restaurants there do take-out dinners? I only ask because most of the places there seemed either teeny-tiny or upscale.

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  1. I lived in the NE for a few years not too long ago and I don't recall there being much takeout from the restaurants (although I could be wrong) for take out I relied on Il Pannino Express (I'm addicted to their meatball sub), Ernestos (pizza) Reginas and Dino's in a pinch.

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    1. re: Food4Thought

      Thanks! Answered my question. :) I'll try that meatball sub tomorrow!

      1. re: eowynnie

        Hot Tomatoes is pretty good, Antico Forno will do takeout, Billy Tses, Sail Loft, Waterfront.

        1. re: phatchris

          I'm a fan of the Hot Tomatoes meatball sub and a friend swears by the vegetarian sandwich, also pizza(they deliver locally) and Billy Tse's. Artu is geat for takeout...particularly since I don't care for the dining room. Waterfront Cafe.

          I think most places will do takeout.

          If you don't want to leave home, Upper Crust will also deliver but I'm not a big fan of their pizza...especially if I have a 10 min walk to Regina's..big topic on another thread.

          1. re: 9lives

            Hot Tomatoes has great subs - The North Ender is VERY good - chicken cutlet, cheese, arugula, tomatoes and vinagerette

    2. umberto's does take-out too. call ahead though.

      1. I've gotten takeout from Giacomo's and Pomodoro.

        1. I happen to love the red sauce and the eggplant parm at the Saraceno and the Bella Vista (seems like the same recipe, or close). When I asked a waiter at the Bella Vista about takeout or selling the sauce in bulk, he looked at me sternly and said "That's the death knell for a restaurant."