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Mar 27, 2009 03:12 PM

cochon's Butcher - take 2

a co-worker hadnt been so a few of us hit cochon's new Butcher. its a deli and a sandwich shop, w/ a winebar and full bar selection. this was my second time.


while the sandwiches are creative on paper...the two ive tried were small, not wonderful, and simply not worth $10-12. the side of chips didnt help :). ive had the cuban w/ cochon du lait (not much flavor) and the pork loin.

i cant speak to the stand alone deli service tho, since ive never tried them outside the sandwiches.

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  1. i dont see why people are dogging butcher. i had a good meal there and since im someone who understands the process of curing meats in-house i dont feel it's overpriced. lets all try to remember that they are brand new and taking on what can be a logistical nightmare (charcuterie) try to remember that donald, steve and their hard working crew have brought us many great meals and they will be running at 100% before too long

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      well, new orleans is a sandwich town and $12 is a lotta dough for a small sandwhich* -- it better be really good. sadly, it hasnt been. not saying some of the meats arent good (as i mentioned i havent tried the deli), or that that they totally suck (i really like cochon! creative & tasty). but Butcher is

      *on size -- after Butcher all 3 of us, of slender build, were still hungry and had to hit NOLA Grocery for some additional lunchage. being hungry after a $10-12 sandwich is no bueno!

      i do hope they "catch their stride" or whatever. until then my recommendation would be to increase the serving size or decrease the price.

      1. re: kibbles

        100% Agreed.

        I've been there three times and had the muffaletta, pork belly, and pastrami.

        The only one that I *really* liked was the muffaletta. The rest were good, but not $10 good. As someone who can't get enough of the Lilette pork belly entree, I was incredibly bummed on the pork belly sandwich at Butcher; my hopes were so high...

        The deli, though, is pretty good. I spend at least two months a year in Vicenza, Italy so I'm pretty familiar with what they're going for. When I first went there--about three weeks after they opened--I got a few slices of each preparation. Some were near perfect (sopressata, mortadella) and some were overly salted (coppa) compared to what I've lived off in Italy. I will say, the standout was their mortadella style sausage (no cubed fat). It was really good.

        I'll probably go back in the next week and try the same sampler and see how consistent they are in their preparations.

        I find myself looking forward to their canned goodies included with each sandwich, rather than the sandwich... they're top notch.

    2. I checked this place out about a week or so ago. I, too, had the Cochon du lait Cuban and found myself and my tastebuds disappointed. I kept thinking "surely there is some delicate flavor I'm missing", but even if there was... Cubans should have robust flavors!
      As ironballs mentioned though, this a new venture and I"m willing to to give it another go after they've matured.

      1. My man and I hit Cochon Butcher a few weeks ago after a morning trip to the farmers market, an afteroon trip to the Hollygroove Market and some kind of big breakfast. We had no business setting foot in there to eat, but once we were there .. wow oh wow.

        We initally when there to buy some bacon. We walked out stuffed. The cook gave us samples of the Cochon sandwich, the muff and something else. We ordered the pork belly sandwich. I have to say, I was skeptical about the white bread it came on, however when it arrived ... yowza. Crispy on the outside, glistening and tender on the inside, the belly fell apart with every bite. The toasted white bread was slathered (generously, but not too generously) with what I remember to be some kind of homemade mayo and sprinkled with fresh mint. It was so simple and so delicious. We also left with a half pound of house made blood sausage and bacon. The blood sausage makes the perfect late night drunken snack, and the bacon is worth the high price.

        We also tried some of the salami. it was good ... almost as good as Salumi in Seattle, but twice the price.

        1. Have to agree 100%. My wife, my two kids, and I went a couple of weekends ago. Great space, interesting menu, wonderful ingredients; and then we got our food.
          My wifes tuna melt was of good size but devoid of any flavor. My duck pastrami and gruyere was served on a white wonder type bread without crust. Think of small triangle wedding sandwichs with less flavor.....for $9. There was very little meat. There were parts of this very small sandwich where bread touched bread. Unbelievable. My kids small personal pizzas were miniscule. Good flavor but the size of a beer coaster....for $7. With two kids drinks and two galsses of wine, this was a $70 lunch. We all left very hungry and very dissapointed.

          1. Sounds like my experience with Cochon so I can't say I'm really surprised. Bummer though.