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X2O more like X2 no

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So I decided to go to X2O for restaurant week, and I have to say it was so disappointing. I've heard mixed reviews from family and friends, but I thought restaurant week would give me a good opportunity to try it.

I had the Jerusalem Artichoke Veloute, which was okay. The taste was pretty nice, but I felt like the serving was a little too much, as I was practically full once I was finished with it. My boyfriend wound up getting the asparagus flan. I thought it was okay. I just didn't like the idea of the shrimp with it (I know it is supposed to create a different texture and such, but something just seemed "off" with it to me). It seemed like the rock shrimp were poorly sliced and just thrown on the plate next to the flan.

I went with the Chatham Cod. By far this was the worst entree I have had in awhile. It tasted so bland. I felt like I was being served a bowl of air. The breadcrumbs on top of the fish just made it very dry and dull. There was no flavor to it at all. My boyfriend got the pork loin, which left much to be desired. The pork was tough, the sauce was pretty bland. The "jalapeno" polenta had no jalapeno flavor to it at all.

The desserts were okay. The white and dark chocolate timbale had way too much cream surrounding it. I felt like the dessert was drowning in it. My boyfriend had the creme brulee, as the other options were of no interest to him. It was alright. The presentation was pretty awful. The taste was alright I suppose.

The worst part of the experience had to be the service. I appreciate when waitstaff is attentive, but they just seemed to push the limit. I could count at least 5 different people that came over to ask how everything was. It just gets really annoying after the second or third time, especially when you are there to relax and have a nice meal and conversation. We felt so rushed too. As soon as we finished our appetizers, our entree was handed to us. I felt even worse for the two women next to us. Their desserts were brought out, and when they were halfway through with them someone finally brought over their coffees.

I honestly could not wait to get out of there. I am glad, however, that I did get to finally try X2O, but I definitely plan to keep spending my money elsewhere.

I hope that the restaurant was just having an "off day" or something like that, but I was just not impressed at all, and I am really surprised by all of the great reviews.

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  1. that's really too bad. I've never been for restaurant week, but this is really my absolute favorite special occasion restaurant. We enjoy bringing our teenage kids there for their birthdays, and we brought my father there at Christmastime, and have always had a wonderful meal, and wonderful service. I guess I haven't wanted to go for RW since the regular restaurant is just so "perfect" for me that I don't want to ruin it!

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    1. re: DGresh

      I actually tend not to go to try a place restaurant week. I dislike limited menus and I don't feel like you get a true experience of the restaurant

      1. re: wincountrygirl

        Totally agree. Gave up on "Restaurant Weeks" everywhere years ago. They show a restaurant at its worst, for whatever reason. X2O is a fine joint, but I'm not surprised to hear the experience is different during RW- it always is, for me anyway.

      1. You complained about the soup because they gave you too big a portion?? You could have stopped eating it if you didn't want any more.

        I have read not great things about the Cod, we just ate there last night and I got the chicken instead because of the reviews. On the other hand, the pork seems to get rave reviews from everyone but you, so I am not sure what's going on there.

        Similarly on the sauce on the dessert plate -- you could have easily eaten the chocolate without the sauce interfering.

        Also, many people actually like attentive service. You're the first person I have read about who complained about it.

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        1. re: MisterBill2

          I've only been to X20 once, but had a similar reaction to the "attentive" service - after 3 visits by a phalanx of assorted waitstaff, it felt intrusive instead of caring. We had, however, a fantastic meal (not during RW).

            1. re: MisterBill2

              I have to agree. The chicken looked so uninspired and the idea of coconut rice (especially white rice) just seems awful.

              The waitstaff was beyond annoying with a "How is everything?" about every 5 minutes.

              I think everyone just goes there so they can say "Ohhhhhhh I went to X20 last night....Yes, THE X20." I'm sure they serve better food without it being restaurant week. At least I hope that's the case.

              1. re: Plat Chaudetfroid

                Non-restaurant week the food was very good. I live north, so I prefer to go to Restaurant X, though.

                1. re: wincountrygirl

                  Judging from what I have both experienced, heard, and read here, ALL of Chef Kelly's places have a huge swing in terms of good to bad. Perhaps excpet Permont.
                  I have been to X three times and once was great, another was fair to good, and the third time was real bad.
                  My Mom has been to X2O several times. When there for lunch with a senior group, twice, it was good. Two times for dinner-very mixed.

                  1. re: Jon1856

                    I have had mixed luck at Peter Kelly's places, but I have never had a bad meal there. At Xaviar's the food has ranged from excellent to just good. I had brunch at X once. It was good, not great. I much preferred the quality of the brunch at X20. I have been to X20 four times for brunch, lunch and dinner-- once excellent, twice very good and once just good. I think he does a much better job of upholding quality on a consistent basis than most, but his food isn't excellent, or even very good all of the time. Of all his restaurants, I like Freelance for consistency and value. If only they took reservations.

                    1. re: Jon1856

                      I have found that Restaurant X is pretty consistently good. I did have a bad meal at Xaviers - it included smoked mushrooms that were like eating ashes from a fireplace! Very dissappointing. We have always had good meals at Freelance also.

                  2. re: Plat Chaudetfroid

                    What are you agreeing with and why does coconut rice, which is not an X2O creation by any means, sound so appalling to you?

                    This is certainly a forum where disagreement is frequent and welcome, I had to post to strongly disagree with you that the people on Chowhound who really enjoy X2O, myself included, do so to "brag" about it.

                    I see this is your first post Plat. What restaurants do you enjoy?

                    1. re: laylag

                      I have RW reservations for 9 people(daughtrer's 16thbday) I also have the same reserve at harvest after being scared by the reviews of X2O RW! Now wwhat? Haven't been to x2O and I know the location is great but will I have a bad meal? I was at dinner with a friend of Peter Kelley's and he swears by the RW cod and also Pork. I'm excited but don't want to think that I'm making a mistake.
                      this Board has become frightening with reactions from some of others' posts so I'm being very careful as to how I word things- I have grief about a lot these days- don't need to get it from a foody Board!

                      1. re: yeshana

                        I've eaten at both, although not during RW. There is NO comparison. X2O is a fine restaurant. Beautilful setting, attentive waitstaff, great food. Harvest on Hudson is a big mediocre restaurant. The setting is ok, the restaurant itself is pretty. I thought the food at Harvest was awful. Relax, they're 16 and will have a great time at either place. Enjoy the celebration!

                        1. re: debmom

                          I agree debmom. I ate at HOH and thought it was pretty, but the food was really awful.

                        2. re: yeshana

                          If they are 16 try The Melting Pot. They might enjoy the fondue experience.

                          1. re: kaaaassss

                            only the bday girl is 16 - the rest of us are foodie adults but I am looking forward to seeing this place and now am curious as to how RW fare will turn out to be. I'm getting so confused reading this as far as what to order and what to suggest my guests order(adult guests)

                        3. re: laylag

                          We went last night and it was just fine. somethings were great (sword fish, the lamb chops as well as the chicken) and others were good (tuna). No dish is ever the same each time when made to order so you can't expect the dish to be the same each time it is ordered on subsequent visits.. My impression is that the service staff takes it clue from their guests attitude in being seated and the intial greeting. If you order cocktails and sit for a few mnutes prior to looking at the menu, my sense is that the staff adjusts to the customer's needs. If one asks to order as soon as the wait staff is ready, the meal automatically speeds up. The table next to us sat down after us and had the their meals prior to ours since we took some time to enjoy our cocktails and discuss the meal we would like to have as well as the wine service. Yes, they can be too attentive at times but many restaurants are the same. At times it bothered me but now I just try to ignore; not unique to X2O. The only disappointment was the a fair gin martini and the lemon napoleon.
                          and what about that Red Velvet cake.

                          1. re: martyl9

                            did you ordre from the reg, menu or RW menu?

                            1. re: yeshana

                              Yeah, that's definitely not the RW menu!

                              1. re: MisterBill2

                                regular menu. usually don't do the restaurant week since I can't plan on a specific night. made the reservation for saturday night the 28th on friday afternoon the 27th. If I couldn't get a reservation, would have gone some where else, such as Iron Horse.

                        4. re: Plat Chaudetfroid

                          I too am confused about your comment about coconut rice, and especially the "especially white rice" bit. I just Googled coconut rice and found several hits, including a recipe (with white rice) from Gourmet.I've seen coconut rice several places and never was it made with brown rice.

                          I think that people like you just want to say "ooh I bashed X2O". Congrats you did it.

                          1. re: MisterBill2

                            I don't care what magazine has had recipes for coconut rice. The idea is just so uninspiring and they could have done so much better.

                            I was not expecting to be blown away or anything by the food at X20 during restaurant week. I thought it would give me a way to try it, since I've heard both good and bad things about it. The food was beyond awful though. There is absolutely no excuse to serve a fish that was absolutely tasteless. And the pork was just as bad. Of course I didn't have to eat the cream that came with the white and dark chocolate timbale, and I didn't, but the point is, why give that dessert so much cream? Why let it look like the dessert was drowning in cream? And yes the artichoke soup had a decent flavor, but why give so much? Why not focus more on putting together some better entrees?

                            And the waitstaff only made things worse. It's like they were rushing everyone out of there. As soon as anyone was done with their appetizer, their entree came right out. We weren't finished with our wine yet, and the waiter asked if we wanted any coffee or anything. I told him we would, but we would like to finish our wine first. What happened? They brought out our cappuccinos and dessert right away anyway.

                            I don't think anyone wants to go around saying "Ohh, I bashed X2O." That's the last thing I would want to do, especially being from Southwest Yonkers and wanting to see a place like this do really well and serve really good food. I do think a lot of people go their just for the name, and you have to admit that there are way better places than X20.

                            1. re: bnc

                              What restaurants in Westchester are way better than X20?

                              1. re: Marge

                                Well for one I would have to say Tarry Lodge. I have never even come close to having a bad meal there. The waitstaff is friendly, knowledgeable, and attentive. They don't breathe down your backs the way the waitstaff at X20 has done to me. I would say it's probably one of the best places in Westchester to get the most bang for your buck.

                                1. re: bnc

                                  Although I did like Tarry Lodge very much,the service was hardly attentive. We were lucky to get out waiter to come to the table. That being said, we are going back on a week night because the food was wonderful and the prices were right. I don't put down X20 though. I love Peter Kelly's restaurants and had a nice experience when we went there.

                                  1. re: wincountrygirl

                                    Hmm. That is strange for the Tarry Lodge. Every time I've gone there the waiters I've had were always great. I wish you better luck next time.

                      2. Just went tonight for restaurant week and the place was fabulous. Perfect medium-rare hangar steak. Also recommend the asparagus appetizer. Service was great, and Peter Kelly walked up to our table and was very gracious. Too bad it was so foggy you couldn't see the Hudson River.

                        1. We were there for restaurant week last night, and I can't recall a lovelier evening. We started in the bar and were delighted to have the chef walk through for quick hellos. Our server was delightful. Perfectly mannered yet approachable. And so knowledgeable.

                          The soup was wonderful. My husband had the special sashimi, but he kept on asking for just one more taste of the soup. And oh so yummy warm biscuits with gorganzola! The hanger steak was perfect, but so was the loin of pork. The evening was completed with delicious dark and light chocolate dessert and coffee.

                          The restaurant setting is really spectacular. While I was initially disappointed that we arrived in the fog, and was sorry that the weather blocked our view of the river, we were so happy when the storm blew the fog away, and we were treated to natures pyrotechnics!

                          Over the years, my husband and I have tried many different restaurants at the various Manhattan restaurant weeks. Other times, I have felt like the restaurants gave us a second rate experience. They either shunt you away to Siberia, or even worse, or fling the food at you, jerking the plate away before you had a chance to finish.

                          Our dinner at X2o was the opposite. We were treated like all other customers. We had a prime seat in the restaurant, cordial servers, and were given the opportunity to savor our meal.

                          It was a wonderful introduction to the restaurant, and I am sure the chef will be glad to hear that we'll be back for a non-restaurant week celebration, soon I hope!!

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                          1. re: jwg

                            I think that's the case with a lot of restaurant weeks - and at times any prix fixe menu.

                            I'm somewhat of a regular at X20. I prefer to sit in the bar and watch the tv. I know the staff there - not personally but I probably eat there at least once or twice a week so I'm the one they stop to chat with just out of familiarity. The food in my opinion is excellent. Even the sushi is exceptional. Some things on the menu are better than others - this is true. My favorite is the tuna but I've had other wonderful things there as well.

                            They have been SLAMMED for restaurant week though. I guess it's to be expected but - WOW! You can barely breathe when you get upstairs.

                            1. re: Lolasartre

                              Only a few people have slammed them. And I still don't understand the first poster's complaints. Too much soup? Give me a break. And I don't see how ANYONE can complain about Peter Kelly's Creme Brulee, it's the best I have had anywhere. Who cares about "presentation", it doesn't need anything more than a spoon.

                              I think there are just some people determined not to like a place, even if they have to make up reasons for it.

                              1. re: MisterBill2

                                "Slammed" in this case, if I am understanding poster means that they were fully committed, fully booked, full front of house, or just jammed up.

                                And that is when you really get to see how well the FOH and ROH managers manage.

                                1. re: MisterBill2

                                  Oh quit it already with the too much soup. When I was there, it was ridiculous how much they gave and how fast it was brought out.

                                  And "how cares about presentation?" Are you kidding me? You eat with your eyes first. It's like they just threw it on the plate with some strawberries. No effort at all.

                                  1. re: Plat Chaudetfroid

                                    What else would you expect with creme brulee? It's a self-contained dessert and for me the visual part is seeing the nicely browned sugar top. Bad creme brulee needs extra stuff on top to mask the flaws. Peter Kelly's needs nothing but a spoon to make it perfect.

                            2. All I have to say about Restaurant X. I was asked would I like anything to drink. My dinner guest responded, "water will be fine" . The waiter asked," Evian, Perrier, or from the tap" . She responded, "from the tap is fine". The waiter answer, "OK one for sink water, next?" All I have to say is, do you tink I'm going to go back after THAT?!?

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                              1. re: liza219

                                Was that your only problem or indicative of the entire night?

                                1. re: wincountrygirl

                                  This was the initial vibe the whole night. , And, he was definetly NOT joking. My future (at the time) MIL, made a polite laugh, and he actually rolled his eyes! I have been there countless times. I live down the road. Never did I have this server before, and never such a hostile experience.Even after I commemted to the waiter about his behavior in front of my future MIL, and how embarressed I was for her; he lacked any tact to reciprocate. I haven't been back.

                                2. re: liza219

                                  Don't you think he was joking? I asked for Guiliani water when I lived in the city. Should I say Spano water now?

                                    1. re: jwg

                                      I also thought the waiter was trying to make a joke

                                  1. Some of the finest service and meals I've had in this country have been at the Kellys' restaurants. While I can't dispute the experience of some posters here, I hunch the vast majority of patrons have had an excellent dining experience. For example, the non-elitist Zagat ratings give them a 29, the hightest in America, the same as the French Laundry.

                                    Their training and supervision of both front and back staff is strict and thorough, yet kind.. I've been in their kitchens and totally impressed with the professionalism. Peter is no crazy Ramsay or Bordain and totally dedicated to his craft, his staff, and most importantly his customers, whether it's RW or not.

                                    Notice how many of the posters have met him while dining. He's on site, both front and back. As is his brother Ned.

                                    And what he has done to give back to his hometown of Yonkers is another remarkable story, albeit non-Chow.

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                                    1. re: louuuuu

                                      Thank you. While my experiences at his restaurants have not been uniform, he surely has made a great contribution to the industry. And while one can't account for a stray rude remark by a waiter, on the whole you can usually expect a very satisfying evening there.

                                      1. re: louuuuu

                                        I totally agree with you. And we have also met him. We actually had an incredible dining experience at his now closed restaurant , Xavier's at Garrison. This restaurant, if you're not familiar with it, offered a choice of two of each of five courses, paired with wine. At the time, mu husband had several food allergies and we told them about them when we made the reservation. My husband was not restricted as to what he could order, but Peter adjusted sauces and ingredients for him. Everything was delicious, and, despite the fact that one of the allergies was to butter and cream, everything had a sauce and none less delicious than those made for the rest of the party. This is a testament to a good chef and a caring individual. We have been to a restaurant (the former Stonleigh Creek) where I heard the owner complaining to a waitress about my husband's allergies and saying something about how he shouln't dine out. Needless to say, we don't go to his place any more!!!

                                        1. re: wincountrygirl

                                          i had my first meal at xaviars in 1984 and probably had 10 dinners and 10 brunchs there... i miss it so much

                                      2. went las night for RW menu. I have to agree on almost every post as my experience was wonderful and mediocre. The place (our first time) is incredible to be in. The tug boats, the water, the glass, glassware actually too, the overly attentive service was good- my dad has Alzheimers and that was good for us to have a tolerant and attentive waiter. I had the Cod contrary to recs. from chow. It was really not so good. Presentation was not appealing and it really was so bland- I tried to search for flavor but just couldn't It was tough and oevercooked, but I asked for it. Pork that 3 of our guests had was also overcooked but sauces did have flavor. Steak was the best of all- pretty presentation and good. They did add the sashimi app to the RW mwnu and that was very good- nicely presented- I would have liked one more piece though. Mango salad was ok- cheese was wonderful but mango was a bit unripe- enjoyed the contrast of the salty pistachios and the partially sweet mango. Salads were just ok nothing special. We enjoyed the asparagus app. the most- the whole table loved it. Desserts were yummy- they had a RW special dessert(they must be following this thread) Banana bread pudding with a great walnut topping. Chocolate was delicious and one guest had flan which he said was incredible. all in all food was ok- disappointing but fine. Place is terrific and really made the night very special. We were NOT rushed at all through our meal and I don't see how anyone can walk out of such a beautiful setting and say it wasn't a lovely experience.I will go for lunch one of these days as I'm told that it is good. the bar was equally as beautiful and I think sitting there and having sushi would be such a nice way of ending any work day!

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                                        1. re: yeshana

                                          Glad you weren't rushed and that you found some things you liked.

                                          And as for the setting, I guess I am bias, as I live really close to X2O (within walking distance) so I get to see the river and boats everyday. It is really beautiful, but it's also like being at home for me since I grew up here.

                                          1. re: yeshana

                                            A great deal of time, effort and money was spent on getting the table-ware "right".

                                            1. re: Jon1856

                                              steak knife was soooo cool! I also have an issue with glasses with rims. Drinking aout of a "rim-less" glass is necessary for me to want my drink- I actually ask to feel the rim of martini glasses when I'm at a new place- if it's a rim glass- no martini- freakish obsession but it makes it yea or nae for me!

                                              1. re: yeshana

                                                With glassware, there are several balancing acts going on: looks, feel, duribility (both in use and during cleaning), availibility, and of course cost.
                                                And some times, every well made plan does go south for one reason or another.

                                                1. re: Jon1856

                                                  I know Jon1856, I am constantly buying rim less glasses and breaking them- TJ MAXX and Christmas tree shops allow me to get them for very low prices so I don't feel as bad when they need to be replaced!

                                                  1. re: yeshana

                                                    What is a rim less glass??? I am picturing eyeglasses without a frame-----thanks.

                                                    1. re: yeshana

                                                      LOL ;>D
                                                      I do understand. Now think about what a restuarnat goes thought every week.
                                                      I know having seen the orders and invoices.

                                                      1. re: Jon1856

                                                        I did address that my desire for a rim less glass is IMO, a "freakish obsession". I am a former F&B manager at the Waldorf and questions about glasses would never be upsetting to me- especially if the customer was explaining that they new it was an odd discussion.Tolerance is critical in every industry, social circle, posting site, etc. , these days- hope you can get to that point.

                                              2. re: yeshana

                                                It's too bad that the Cod entree is so universally disliked (but you can't say that you were not warned to avoid it).

                                                BTW I got email from them and they are extending RW through the 10th at both of their locations.

                                              3. Ok this chain of posts is extremely long and I hope I can remember to respond to as many points made as possible.
                                                I"ll start with my positive points about X2O.
                                                It was a beautifully decorated restaurant and what a great location, on the pier. Yonkers has come a long way so it is nice to see a nicer restaurant in Gettys Square Area.
                                                I did eat down at his Freelance Restaurant in Piermont some years back and I enjoyed that more than X2O, despite the fact it was overcrowded and we sat right by the door, but I know every table can't be the best in the house.

                                                Now for negatives, and I am sorry for Peter Kelly/X2O supporters but for me they far outweighed the positives. I'd like to start off by agreeing (sorry don't remember who said it) that Peter Kelly and his places are overrated. But anyone with a good PR firm/representative, if you are not then your PR person is not doing their job. As for giving back to Yonkers, his home town. Kelly has 4 restaurants and has been in business for many years, he should give back to his home town. But this is not a reason to frequent a restaurant. It is the food and service not the PR the chef and restaurant gets nor the "good" he or she does for a given neighborhood.

                                                When you have money backing you like Peter Kelly the decor etc better be beautiful.
                                                But the initial decorating should be maintained. WIth the money behind Kelly's restaurant, there should not be broken doors and other items in the restroom. I only went once so not sure how long these things were broken but it was disappointing to say the least.

                                                We sat in the Dylan lounge on a Tuesday, so it was slow. But the service was terrible. Our waiter was usually no where to be found. And a meal that should have taken maybe an hour hour and a half tops turned into a 2 1/2 almost three hour meal. My butt was numb :)! So for the over attentive service, we did not experience it. That said, I can see how a restaurant's staff can be overattentive. I don't want to be asked every five minutes how my food is, or if I need anything. A good well trained watier woudln't need to do that. If they see an empty glass they refill it without asking (so long as refills are included of course). Checking back within a few bites, perhaps 3 minutes of getting our course, to see if all is fine and if there is anything further needed with that course is good attentive service. But after asking the first time, you don't need to ask again! Also as diners we have certain body language that waiters should be trained to read. If we are looking up and around then we are looking for service. If not then leave us alone. At a place such as X2O, this is the type of service you'd expect. So while some of the posters had over attentive service, we barely had any and on a slow night at that.

                                                Presentation... there was no presentation with the food. I would have to agree that there was little to no care about how the food was plated. I am not a "foodie" as most be defined so my tastes are simple. That said it should be really hard to displease my tastebuds, both visually and physcially. But I was displeased. I ordered the cheeseburger slider. I understand you can only do so much with presentation with hamburgers but that doesn't mean you need to ignore presentation completely and just drop it on the plate. My child had the hot dog again, same reasoning as the hamburger. The hot dog was HUGE, which I am sure some people would like but I am not one of them. Size does not always matter:)!!!
                                                My husband had the lobster crepe and I was not awe inspired when it was placed in front of him. Nothing inedible should be put on a plate for "presentation" purposes. If I am paying good money for a dish I want to be able to eat everything on the plate. You can keep the lobster shell and toothpicks! He also had sweet breads. It was a small bowl of unspired glop in bowl with some overcooked sweetbreads underneath.

                                                And the butter... A half of stick of cold hard butter on a "fancy plate" is not presentation!!!

                                                Overpriced to say the least. My child had a "kobe" hot dog, which I assume by saying it was a Kobe dog they could over charge for it which is what they did.

                                                Our bread was served cold. I think every restaurant who serves bread should serve it warm! But perhaps that is just a personal taste. But I don't believe its that hard to serve warm bread. Along the lines of the bread, what is up with the butter! Again, I believe along with warm bread, soft butter should be served always.

                                                Now for flavors. My sliders had disgustingly greasy buns and extremely dry and overcooked meat. Yes I understand ordering medium well entails some dryness but I have had even well done burgers that were still juicy enough and tasted good. X2O's sliders had no seasoning! The Kobe hot dog, I'll take a dirty water dog any day over it. The lobster crepes were good but not great. With all the hype Peter Kelly gets I expect great! The sweet breads enough said. My husband also had the pork and it was also good except for the dried out cranberry schmear.

                                                As for seeing Peter Kelly, he has four restaurants so seeing him during a dining experience is not something I would expect. I do believe we saw his brother at the bar chatting it up with the staff but he never once came up to us at the table.

                                                I don't find it hard to believe Peter pays more attention to the media then his regular dining guests.

                                                Now to try and end this post on a not so negative note. Everyone has a bad day. Maybe our visit happened to be that one day.

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                                                1. re: lawyergirl

                                                  About your "Everyone has a bad day. Maybe our visit happened to be that one day." I had that same feeling as you, and I wrote to the restaurant explaining my awful experience and told them that I understand every restaurant goes through a bad day and such, but the reply I got was saying that they stood by all of their food and service. I would've at least had some respect for them if they maybe said "Hey, maybe you're right. We'll take what you said, actually listen, and attempt to improve" But of course not. He's just going to keep serving the same stuff and these people are going to keep on falling for all of the hype and keep paying crazy prices to eat some of the worst food I've had in awhile.

                                                  I am with you on the bread thing. I was excited when the bread came over, and I was hoping for nice warm bread. Nope. Cold. And the butter? Even worse! It was practically frozen and came over 5 minutes later than the bread did. I knew right there it wasn't going to be a good meal.

                                                  I definitely agree with everything you've said though. Glad to see I'm not the only one who thinks it's not one of the greatest places ever.

                                                  Also, did anyone see how awful those dining room chairs are looking? I mean seriously. There are tons of markings everywhere in them. Awful.

                                                  1. re: bnc

                                                    This thread is so long and I forgot to post about their response to the email regarding your experience. I would agree with you. Sorry I forgot to mention that too! I guess when one thinks he has four restaurants and lots of money behind him who cares what one person thinks, unless you're the press or someone with lots of money and influence. Then he might care a little more about your opinion.

                                                    1. re: lawyergirl

                                                      How about he figures that the vast majority of people love the place, and when you get someone who is complaining about things such as the staff being too attentive, that there really is nothing you can do to satisfy them. He could have just ignored the mail entirely.

                                                      1. re: MisterBill2

                                                        Seems not only from what has happened to my family and friends as well as what has been posed here, the complains have been far beyond and far worse than the staff being over attentive. In my families case alone, the FOH and BOH managers were AWOL at the very least.

                                                        And there is a great deal of rather simple stuff that a business could and can do to satisfy some who is bring up a complaint.

                                                        Starting with being a great deal more understanding in their correspondence judging fro what has been reported here,

                                                    2. re: bnc

                                                      Wow, now you're going after them for the chairs. Next you'll be telling that you don't like the terry handcloths in the bathrooms or the color of the carpeting.

                                                      FWIW, Xaviar's in Garrison used to serve the half sticks of butter with their universally acclaimed brunch. I don't recall ever reading a review that said "the brunch was ruined by the uninspired stick of butter on the table".

                                                        1. re: MisterBill2

                                                          If I am understanding what bnc wrote, iti seems they are writing about the condition/apperance of the chairs. Which is very different from what you are trying to get at MB2.
                                                          Perhaps bnc can clarify their comment.