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Tre Venezie -- worth it?

We're looking for a romantic nice dinner in the Pas-Glendale area. Tre Venezie was recommended but I've seen some pretty scathing comments about lackluster/hostile service. I'll pay the money for great food but not if the service is bad. How have people's experiences been? Thanks!

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  1. Was there last summer for my only meal, and we had outstanding service. Granted, the place was almost dead (we ate at 8 on a Tuesday night), but our server was so into the food and the wine -- he really made sure we had a great experience.

    The food was delicious, and a very nice change of pace from most of the other Italian places here in LA (Valentino, Osteria Mozza, etc etc). I would certainly go back.

    1. Not worth it.

      Try Bashan, Palate or even the new Reservoir.

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        ipsedixit: why is it not worth it? The food or the bad service?
        I'm curious since this is the closest 'michelin starred' place to me and i haven't been ... wondering if I should, or why not

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          I believe it's the food. Last time I had a meal at Tre Venezie, almost everything was overly salty and mediocre. Considering you are pay for the price, it's not worthy imo.

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            The food.

            The pasta dishes came out either over-salted, or over dressed.

            Portions were minuscule to the point of making a typical appetizer look like something Cheesecake Factory would serve as an entree.

            The cheese plate was an utter joke. Would've been happier with some Cheetos and a big squeeze of Cheez-Whiz.

        2. Haven't been out there in a couple years, but last time it was excellent. Especially the house-smoked pork chop.

          1. I haven't been in a few years either but have always had good to really good food. I have a hard time believing the quality of the food has fallen as far as some of the savage posts below indicate. As for service, I've had everything from outstanding to mediocre there. I speak a bit of Italian and my best experiences there have always come when I am waited on by an Italian speaker who appreciates my efforts.

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              The quality of the food has not fallen off at all.

              It has never been very good to begin with ... esp. at those price points.

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                You are out of line. The quality of ingredients at Tre Venezie are wonderful. One of the few local Italian restaurants that uses real Parmigiano and not Grana, Carnaroli rice and the only Italian restaurant that cooks its risotto "al momento".
                If you don't like regional Italian food, don't go to Tre Venezie, but it is the closest thing to a Michelin Star Italian Restaurant the city has. Gianfranco Minuz is the real deal, and is always in the kitchen.

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                  The only thing I care about from Michelin are ... tires.

            2. If a Michelin star is what draws you, I would suggest the Dining Room at the Langham Huntington Hotel. Craig Strong puts out some seriously delish food

              1. We haven't been since we moved to the westside, but I've got to say, food was okay, nothing extraordinary, but we probably would've went back except for the rude service during our coffee service. It was incredible that they dared to charge us for a double espresso and it was barely a single demi-tasse .

                When we questioned it, it was like questioning the holy grail! My husband was outraged, considering their prices, and whatever happened to the customer is always right? We are reasonable people, but felt their haughty attitude was unreasonable, and that's all it takes to deter diners like us from ever coming back!

                1. It's been a year since I was there--used to really like it in spite of the poor price-to-portion ratio, as I thought the chef was very gifted. But we recently heard that the place had gotten a new floor manager who was so objectionable that some staff left. My husband has eaten there more recently and said the food was good but the FM was a jerk with an attitude problem.

                  I agree with Dutchvanobvious. If you want a Michelin-starred experience that's worth it, go to the Dining Room at the Langham. We celebrated Valentine's Day a couple of days early to beat the crowd, and had the Chef's Choice "blind" tasting menu. Chef Strong came out and questioned us about preferences, allergies, etc. then made us a superb 9-course tasting menu (BTW, he's super-nice and down-to-earth...not to mention very good-looking!). Now, most of our dishes came off the regular menus, so it wasn't totally customized...but there wasn't one dish that wasn't wonderful. The sommelier paired my dishes primarily with great wines, but threw in a couple of oddballs because my husband isn't a wine drinker--there was also a Belgian ale and a sparkling sake. And a couple of specialty cocktails for my husband. Service was friendly but knowledgeable and professional. Unlike many degustations, this was a lot of FUN and 3 hours just flew by.

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                    Thanks, all, for the feedback. I think we're going to try Bashan's, which is less than a mile from our house and seems to get pretty good reception from Chowhounds generally. We'll save the Langham for next year's anniversary.

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                      It's too bad you let the haterade put you off what is an extraordinary restaurant. Bashan is okay for a neighborhood place, but the idiosyncratic cooking at Tre Venezie is very close to what you'd get at a decent trattoria in Udine. It's expensive for a trattoria, but the naysayers apparently have no idea of what Friulian cooking is supposed to taste like.