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Tipping @ Drink?

So I went to Drink for the first time last weekend, and I had a great time! The bartender was a little... intense... but she made some seriously phenomenal cocktails. When our bill came, though, I was faced with a dilemma! The standard "dollar-a-drink" tip hardly seems appropriate, given the elbow grease that goes into each one, but tipping 20% on the bill (as I would at a restaurant) seemed a touch overblown. What do you guys think? How much do you tip, at Drink?

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    1. re: StriperGuy

      especially when the bartender is like your own personal chef

    2. I'm guessing Misty was your bartender. She rocks. I always go with at least 20% wherever I go unless I am just grabbing beers at a busy bar. If you are sitting at the bar and receiving great service, 20% is justified. Just my 2 cents. Plus good tipping never hurts you if you plan to be a regular.

        1. As much as I loathe "tip inflation", at places like this I almost alwyas leave at least 20 and usually in the 25-35 range.

          Note that by "place like this" I don't just mean a place that serves liquor drinks, but a place where the bartenders are knowledgeable, crafting the drink with care, etc. Just because some dufus can put some booze into a shaker and pour it doesn't earn them anything beyond the "dollar a drink" mantra - but folks like the ones at Drink, ESK, Green Street etc etc definitely deserve it.

          1. Not sure a dollar a drink is standard save for when the drinks are $5-6 or less, especially when the work involved is popping a bottle cap or pouring a pint.

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              maybe my math is fuzzy, but $1 on $5 is 20%. now, where in boston are drinks $5?

            2. According to Ms 9, who's usually up on these things and often comped, standard is a $1 for a draft beer at a downscale/midrange place, $1.50 for a wine pour, $2 for a mixed drink. These are not hard rules but general minimums...to not appear to be a cheap crud.

              20% seems appropriate for a place like Drink.

              If you frequent a place, 20% + might work to your benefit. The men and women who work behind the bar tend to remember their more generous patrons (and less generous) and a few extra $ thrown their way can have it's benefits to you as the customer.

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              1. I tip bartenders like servers: 20% for good service, more for extraordinary effort.