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Mar 27, 2009 02:11 PM

Butcher Shop around Y&Eg

Looking for good nice tender piece of beef (for a beef stew) without buying it at Pusateries or Bruno's. Where should I go around Yonge and Eglinton? Any suggestion? Thanks.

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  1. In terms of quality, Butchers on Yonge at Craighurst has very good organiz meat. The Sherwood Market on Mt. Pleasant also has very good beef at a slightly lower price point.

    1. The Butchers at Yonge and Craighurst (which is organic) is good although I haven't found their items as flavourful or as tender as Cumbrae. There is also the Healthy Butcher at Eglinton and Avenue but it can be expensive and their stocking methods can often mean that they are out of more commonly used cuts. To be completely honest, I have quite often picked up nice stewing beef at the Metro in the Yonge and Eglinton Centre - it is already cut but often very tasty and always passable.

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        Thanks to you all. If it was not so far from where I live, I would go to T&T. Very fresh meat and seafood at low prices. Check their weekly flyer at

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          I second the suggestion of the Metro and Yonge and Eg. However, several friends of mine do thoroughly enjoy the Healthy Butcher.

        2. Healthy Butcher

          and the Butchers

          both mentioned b4.

          I prefer the healthy butcher over the butchers.
          The quality of meat at the healthy butcher is very good, and i find the butchers (although the floor staff at the healthy butcher isn't much better) to be somewhat uneducated when it comes to the products. And also the butchers website claims along product list, they seemed to be very limited with their selection.
          Same can be said about the healthy butcher but their stock seems to be ever changing, and I have never left without a piece of meet that hasn't pleased me.

          The metro @ Yonge & Eg,
          is probably one of the worse ones I have the unfortunate luck of having to shop at. I work in the area, and I try and pick up some snacks and last min grocery items there, and the quality of the produce and meet very slow. I wouldn't buy meet from the same store that I have found spoiled and rotten produce on display countless times.

          For stewing beef, the price point for the butcher shops mentioned are going to be around the same if not more then Pusateries or Bruno's you can always call up the 4 stores ask the price per lb and order some and pic it up the next day.

          T&T is good cheap, and for stewing beef shouldn't be a problem, but most the meat they carry is A or AA quality. hence the cheep prices.

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            Metro at Y&Eg is one of the worse when it comes to fresh food and service is far from friendly. It's good only for those who work close by and are in a hurry.

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              I think that the problem with that Metro is that it is really stretched beyond capacity. Since the Minto towers have opened its become even busier. I've heard that it is the busiest one in Canada and even after the reno it is still tough to navigate (they love to put different kinds tortillas, naan, bagels and other baked goods in multiple places all over the store which drives me batty - why can't they just group them?). Most of the employees that stock the shelves are just kids who think that the customers are in their way. Lineups can be awful. I live right nearby and buy my staples there (but try and go off-hours) but not usually their produce. The butcher section is one part that is pretty carefully tended though - and I've never had anything off, although I only ever buy stewing beef, ground beef, etc.

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              T&T also has some AAA. It can look great, so I've come to assume they do not age at all. They certainly don't claim to. This shouldn't be an issue with stewing meat. If you can hold the meat at about 115 F for a few hours when you cook it, you can force some accelerated wet aging before you increase the temperature to make your stew.

            3. Going a bit further afield, there's Nortown on Eg near Bathurst, a good Loblaw's at Yonge & Yonge, and a decent Metro at Bayview & Eg.

              1. I gotta weigh-in in support of the Bay/Eg Metro (Dominion). My family are major carnes, and have been getting our meat there for 30 years - since back when it was "mainly because of the meat"! The price/quality (ie "value") is good, and it's great for custom cuts. I just got a first-4 prime rib there ($3.99/lb!) that's dry-ageing at home for Easter. For large family "feasts" I often order their stuffed rack of pork. I find the butchers very friendly and helpful - I just knock on the swinging butcher door, someone comes out, asks me what I want, and they make it for me in about 5 minutes. You can also call-in custom orders, which is very convenient.

                They also have the best fish counter in the area. I'm very picky about fresh fish, and I've never been disapointed with theirs.

                Now if you need a 20lb free-range turkey or a 35-day dry aged milk fed veal chop, then you'll have to go to Cumbrae's, Healthy Burcher, Pusateri's, Whitehouse, etc. But if you're house poor in Leaside, Metro is great value and service.