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Mar 27, 2009 02:06 PM

Sushi in Ahuntsic

I am obsessed with Sushi! I was pregnant for what seemed like the better part of last year and therefore was unable to enjoy it as much as I wanted to. That being said, I have a serious hankering for it and would like to find a half decent place in the area so that I don't have to trek all the way downtown to get something decent. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

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  1. Two off the top of my head:

    Restaurant Japon Sushi Bar
    1320 Boul Marcel-Laurin, Saint-Laurent, QC H4R1J9, CA

    Mikasa Sushi Bar Acadie
    9835 Boul De L'acadie, Montreal, QC H4N2W2, CA

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