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Mar 27, 2009 01:49 PM

Best Huevos Rancheros in Boston?

Or Any places that has it? I dont even know of one.

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  1. Being an unabashed and hopeless Southwestern food snob, I'd pick up some cans of Hatch chile at Whole Foods (or even better, 505 brand from Pemberton Farms in Cambridge) and make it at home.

    Best I've had out is a slightly fancy version at Tu y Yo in Somerville. I feel like slow-cooked sauces are Tu y Yo's strongest suit, which will be particularly evident in a relatively simple dish like huevos rancheros.

    Here's their breakfast/brunch menu:

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      Second Tu y Yo's brunch in general. Often overlooked with the restaurant wars down the road in Ball Square. The huevos divorciados are also good.

    2. Taquaria Mexico in Waltham has it. My wife likes it.

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      1. Tremont 647 used to have a good one. Check them out. They are in the South End.