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Mar 27, 2009 01:37 PM

Birthday Party of 4 / Stonefire Grill / On Fallbrook / Any Suggestions?/ Please!

Hi, Everybody, and many thanks for your previous inputs, all of which I've used, and none of which I've ever regretted. On Tuesday night, April 7, I'm taking a young family out to celebrate the birthday of one of them. The birthday girl is a very hip and trendy 25, her sister is 22, and their mother is 50. I have adopted all of them as part of my family. The family has eaten at the Grill on Winnetka and they suggested going to this one. I have never eaten at either. I would deeply appreciate if some of you can give me a feel for what to expect, and what to order. A million thanks! Jeff

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  1. Stonefire Grill is typically a family style restaurant. I say typically because you can opt to order individual meals, but most of the crowd there are groups that order family style. Usually when I go, we order one of the family meals, which comes with salad, breadsticks, a bbq item, and the ability to add-on a few things (pizza and another 1/2 of a bbq item in my case). That feeds 4 of us pretty well, with a little bit leftover. The food itself is decent, nothing extraordinary, but much better than Chilli's, Fridays, etc.

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      Oops. Just checked out the menu, and there is a section called "Crowd Pleasers." That is where we order from. Same concepts as above though. You get 2 bbq items, and my group usually adds a pizza (we are big eaters).

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        Thank you, Jaypezzy. Your response has helped. In your opinion, Is any item on the menu better than any other item. There will be four of us.....Jeff

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          The tri-tip everytime I have been there has been consistent (moist and flavorful) and probably the best thing from the grill. Breadsticks and pizza are pretty solid as well. Not really a huge fan of the chicken and the side orders. We always get the Caesar salad, so I am not too sure how the other ones taste.

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              Agree. Make sure you order dressing on the side or it will be absolutely soaked in dressing. It's very hectic and very noisy and very crowded and not really traditional table service at all (they have runners to get the food from the kitchen to you, but everything else is down to you to get, including refills, etc.)

              Just know that going in -- and go early if you can.

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                We were planning on 7:30 on a Wednesday. Thank you for the information. This will all help us. Jeff