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Mar 27, 2009 01:23 PM

Best Asian Noodle Soup in Vancouver

All- I am planning on coming out to Vancouver next week, and I am looking for the best Ramen and/or best Pho in the City? I will be staying at the Loden off of Melville/Thurlow. We have a car so we are willing to travel, but anything close is helpful!!

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  1. I notice you are from LA where you have great pho and ramen...

    For ramen - three of the best spots in Vancouver are almost next door to each other at Robson St and Denman St: Motomachi Shodoku , Benkei, Kintaro. All three are good.

    For pho...the best pho is in the Vietnamese zone of Kingsway Ave and Fraser St. (Though my personal haunt is Song Huong on Nanaimo St - which is close to my home.). There are dozens of places in the area but Pho Thai Hoa, Hai Yen, Hai Phong are a couple or recs to get you started.

    You didn't include Chinese noodles in your query. If you need some reqs in this category, post again.

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      Great thanks, yes here in LA we have some of the best Ramen and Pho in North America. I enjoy the Shio Ramen here at Santouka where it is served with pork cheeks. I wanted to come up there and compare. Fmed- I noticed you have written extensively on the izakayas in Vancouver, and this is all good information. Which one do you recommend for robata? I also like good grilled fish such as mackerel and salmon.....

      1. re: Schweinhaxen

        From charcoal grilled foods - Aki (on Thurlow at Robson-ish down below street level) and Zakkushi (3 locations with one right in the izakaya zone of Robson and Denman). Zakkushi is more of a skewer-centric yakitori place and Aki has more robata offerings.

        Aki is also one of the oldest Japanese restaurants in Vancouver, perhaps North America (their original location on Powell St opened in 1963..IIRC..not as old as Seattle's 100 yr old Maneki.). Real old school...lots of Japanese patrons.

        1. re: fmed

          That is awesome. Thanks. I get into Vancouver around midnight on Friday, are these Izakaya true in the fact that they stay open late. Will I be able to order some food around 1am? I hope bars dont have to stop serving around that time. Aki sounds like it is up my alley.

          1. re: Schweinhaxen

            Vancouver sleeps might be able to make it to Gyoza King which serves till 2am on Fri
            Zakkushi and Hapa Izakaya are open till 1am. The original Guu (Thurlow) is open till 1:30 on Friday.

            It think some of the Korean izakaya (Chung Dam, et al. IIRC) may be open "late". (closing time is undetermined). There are a few places (mainly HK Cafes and Hotpot places) that are open late too if those are considerations.

      2. re: fmed

        Considering LA has great ramen and pho, what do you recommend in terms of what I cannot get in LA besides great asian food. Where would you steer me towards?

        1. re: Schweinhaxen

          Perhaps Pacific Northwest "regional" food (localvore sourcing, etc.). If that interests you, then I can post more recs.

          1. re: fmed

            To save a bit of time here are a couple of regional recs:
            Fuel, Boneta, Bishop's, Blue Water (Seafood), C (Seafood)

            Vij's is unique too (not my personal cup of tea, but it gets raves):

            Japadog too...

            And this link is particularly interesting:

            1. re: fmed

              Thanks for the recs this is awesome. I was eyeing Fuel, Boneta, and Blue Water. I definitely want to have some white salmon prepared while I am up there.