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Mar 27, 2009 01:18 PM

Any good Korean restaurants in Suffolk?

My favorite in Nassau (local to me) is Koreana, at the H&Y in Plainview. I want to take my nephew, a freshman at Stony Brook U, out for Korean food (he's never had) but working the scheduling of back and forth from there to Plainview is tricky. Any recommendations for a spot of equal quality further out east?

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  1. The korean restaurant on Jericho Tpk about a mile or two east of the Sagtikos Pkwy was closed after the murder in its parking area and now, I hear, has reopened as a korean Chinese place.It was good before, but I can't speak for it now as I haven't tried it. There is one more in Nassau, in Syosset, on Jericho Tpk in the Blockbuster center, just west of South Oyster Bay Road, appropriately named the korean Restaurant. It has been goodbut incorrectly situated for you A third option is the Cafeteria in the Wang Center in Stony Brook Univ. which advertises Korean options. All the other ethnicities are bad, but it is food and situated where you want.

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    1. re: budcar

      Well, obviously my nephew knows about the Wang Center; it's hardly Korean in fact (as opposed to theory).

      If the place east of the Sagitos is advertised as Korean-Chinese, that basically means it's Chinese with Korean pretensions.

      If it comes down to having to bring him to Nassau, I'll use Koreana. It's just that with the 1-1/2+ hour round trip (3+ hours if I'm making two round trips) fitted around his class schedule, I was hoping to stay a little closer to where he is.

      1. re: Scott_R

        I've heard that Yummy Food on Jericho Tpke in Huntington is Korean and good, but haven't yet visited. I think it may've been mentioned on these boards recently. If so, he could take the train into Huntington and it might work out a bit better time and travel wise.

        1. re: mcf

          I think yummy food is more sushi and Japanese with some Korean influences
          I live 5min from Koreana but have never been there. When I get a urge for Korean , I tend to just stop in koreatown on the way to penn station after work
          Have shopped at H&Y, just never gone in Koreana. What do you recommend there? I have been wanting to try the bonchon chicken. I've also seen another Korean place in old bethpage (shopping center with the post office)

          The easiest thing might be to have him take the train to hicksville, It's the same line as stony brook (you could drive him back, at least it would cut down on the time)

          1. re: MrPhil

            I eat around Penn, too. Ate at Sil La Joung once, but it had no barbecue. What's your favorite wood fire grill in Koreatown?

            1. re: MrPhil

              I go through all sorts of different things--except the Bonchon chicken. I just don't like deep fried food; anything battered is out.
              Here is a PDF of the menu that I scanned:

              Last time I was there (this past week, in fact) I had #4 on the lunch menu, and it was very tasty. The usual assortment of small plates went on the table first (the number depends on the number in the party); you can't be sure what will be served week to week, though kimchi obviously is a mainstay.

              The train isn't a very good option. The westbound afternoon schedule is pretty poor. And it's STILL a long schlep for dinner (and I was hoping for a late lunch, instead). It wouldn't be until sometime in May that he would have enough time.

              1. re: Scott_R

                Sorry the train doesn't work. Thanks for the scan of the menu!! Not much of a fried food person myself, just heard so much about this chicken. #4 looks great I'm a BIG BiBiimBap fan in all it's variation.

                1. re: MrPhil

                  I have something different there each time, and it keeps me coming back.

                  Be warned: soups/stews are usually served BUBBLING hot.

          2. re: Scott_R

            I realize this is a very late post to the conversation, but to dispel the presumption of Scott_R on the Korean-Chinese on Rt 25A (east of Sagitos)....I've eaten there and the Korean is much better than the Chinese (forget it). the proprietors are Koreans and the food is very home-style, ie. not as good as 32nd street Manhattan, but acceptable. the potato starch noodles were alittle stickier than I like, but flavorful and savory (not just msg). The grilled meats were flavorful and tender enuf, but the cuts of meat were not as premium as in Manhattan.
            The location is not convenient unless you drive and are actually looking for this restaurant.

            FYI - there is a HUGE korean population in Great Neck - Douglaston on Hillside Ave. I've yet to find the time to eat, but H-Mart has opened a nice (but a bit more pricey than Flushing) clean market, so there is more attraction to stop by now.

        2. Sonny used to own Tokyo in Northport and now owns Hana in Port Jeff. Mostly a Japanese menu but has some Korean items on the menu because he is Korean.

          1. Try Genghis Khan in Smithtown. Small, pretty authentic. Try Tofu Bubble Pot.