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Mar 27, 2009 01:07 PM

Scraping dregs from ice cream maker?

I've been making custard-based ice cream for different desserts. After the (Cuisinart) ice cream maker finishes doing its job and I've removed the ice cream, there is always a layer of ice cream sticking to the sides and bottom. The last time I made ice cream I removed these dregs and added them to the "loose" ice cream. They were a different consistency and color, but the flavor was not noticeably off. On the other hand, leaving these remainder bits in the machine is quite wasteful as they comprise at least a cup's worth of ice cream. Anybody else run into this dilemma? If so, any solutions?

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  1. Isn't that like a bakers dozen? It;s the little extra for "Quality Control"

    1. Yep, pretty sure you are meant to scrape them out and eat 'em.

      Now, you should stop just short of trying to wrap your tongue around the bits left on the mixing paddle because your daughter will come into the kitchen and catch you at your least dignified with both forefinger and tongue trying to clean it off.

      Not that this ever happened to anyone I know.

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        OF COURSE! I was overly concerned with maximizing output than rewarding myself. Thanks for setting me straight.

      2. Yes!

        It's one of the reasons I particularly prize an old Waring ice cream maker that I have that uses the old fashioned ice & brine method -- only it only requires the equivalent of a couple ice cube trays of ice and half a box of table salt.

        Plus, I really believe I get better texture from it because it has a proper dasher with several baffles on both sides.

        I've written to Waring and asked them to consider re-introducing it. Besides the fact that you can get ALL your ice cream and better texture, you don't need the huge freezer bowl taking up space in your freezer. It also makes a larger batch than the freeze-the-bowl types.

        They never answered me but if other people started talking to them about it, I might be able to get a new one before the plastic lid for the freezer compartment totally gives up the ghost. It's more than 20 years old and I've been gluing cracks in it back together for at least 10 of them....

        But it makes THE BEST ice cream.

        1. I find that if you toss it back in with the loose ice cream that once the ice cream is fully frozen you won't be able to notice a difference in consistency.

          1. jfood has the cuisinart as well and he nows uses the following method while the ice cream is turning since he does not like the ice cream build-up. He uses a wooden spurtle and VERY carefully place the spurtlle through the top to scrape the sides while it is processing. it makes a much better consistency for the entire batch.

            But irt still leaves the dregs at the bottom. After jfood places in containers and in the freezer he takes the wooden spurtle and eats the bottoms dregs. Sorta like licking the bowl when making chocolate puddin'.