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Mar 27, 2009 12:53 PM

Did anybody check out this year's Chocolate Salon?

We were going to head over, but after the VERY mixed reports on last year's version, we decided to go to XOX for truffles, and Michael Recchiuti for other yummies, and skip it.

Just wondering if they got their act together--it sounds like a great idea.

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  1. My blog colleague thought people who arrived before 2pm got their $20 worth. She said some people brought ziplocs and stuffed them with samples.

    1. I tagged along with a friend, and thought it was an improvement over last year's sorry crush. We got there at 11 and left before 2 and we were able to get samples of almost everything, but I think that some of the chocolatiers would have been running low by the time we left. XOX told us that they had to send for another 40 lbs of truffles, as they had already run out of a couple of flavors.

      The venue was much bigger, and the ceilings much higher, so I didn;t have to stifle, as I did last year, the urge to run screaming out of the building. But the crowds and the queues (if they could be called that) around the chocolate samples were still formidable.

      There were a lot of very promising chocolatiers there, though I was somewhat surprised to find that my favorite from last year was still my favorite this year--Marti chocolates from LA. For bean-to-bar, TCHO. Amano, Guittard, and Ghirardelli were all represented, (Amano;s Jembrana, and TCHO's "chocolatey" are particularly delicious,) XOX, Poco Dolce, Coco Delice, Neococoa, Sterling, Jade, and a host of others were there, too, at least one from as far away as Florida.

      Would I spend $20 dollars next year to attend? Yes. I think so-- if I could find some space to breathe--largely because I'd be able to buy from sources like the Floridan (William Blake? Drake?) and Marti who don't sell locally, and to discover new sources (las if I didn't have enough) like Amano,