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Mar 27, 2009 12:52 PM

Unexpectedly in Seattle

Because of the volcano eruptions in Alaska, my 6 hour layover in Seattle has turned into a 3 day layover. Please forgive me for not being able to search the board properly, I'm dependant on the hotel computer and I have my 13 month old son with me. So I can't really spend a lot of time searching. We're staying in one of the hotels near the airport and I did rent a car. Just looking for some good food that I can bring my son along with me. I'm open to all kinds of food but want to keep it to less than $30 for one person.

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  1. Seattle is an unusually good place to enjoy Vietnamese food. Here are three favorites
    Tamarind Tree :
    Just West of 12th on the North side of Jackson in a strip mall.A little pricier but well under your budget.
    About half a block East of 12th on the South side of Jackson on the ground floor of a small two story mall. A personal favorite. A little less expensive with a plain but nicely decorated room and mostly Vietnamese customers.
    South of Jackson on the East side of 8th.
    All of these places are pleasant places to eat but with different atmospheres.

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      Forkit has identified some good choices. I'd rank them Greenleaf, Tamarind Tree and Lemongrass. For Japanese, on Main in the ID, try Tsukushinbo. For Chinese, try Shanghai Garden or Sea Garden. If you're adventurous, Malay Satay Hut, north of 12th and Jackson, is also a good choice. The staff at Greenleaf are really sweet . . . .Forgot to mention Pho Bac at the head of Jackson and Rainier Ave S. They only serve pho, but cheap and good. Any of these Asian restaurants are accommodating to kids.

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        My problem with Greeleaf is that the flavors do not seem as strong and the customers are not mainly Vietnamese.

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          Totally agree with this. I get the feeling they're pulling their punches.

    2. Hello people,

      This person is staying near the airport, that means Seatac, so I think places around the area would be good ideas, though seatac is not the mekka for good food. Also, I think recommendations where there is parking would be good.

      If you can find your way to the Muckleshoot casino, they have buffets. Friday happens to be their expensive seafood night, $24.99, but it's half price for kids under 12 I believe. You enter through their garage w/kids (since it's a casino). Sat costs the same, still has seafood, but includes steak. It will be less for lunch and brunch. The site isn't good about including prices and is not easy to read. If you are 55 and over, you get a discount. There is parking on site:

      1. Nearlywild, Being stranded in Seattle is not such a bad thing if you are a Chowhound. the recommendaitons for Vietnamese food are spot on. Since you have a car, consider Sun Fish in West Seattle for fish and chips. (Inexpensive with a great view.) Visit Pike Place Market. Two suggestions: Matt's at the Market and Maximillien's at the Market for their fabulous mussels. For breakfast: Pancake Chef just north of the airport on International Blvd.

        1. I meant to add in, about the Muckleshoot Casino, now that I see your child is 13 months, kids under 2 get in free for the buffet.

          There is the typical IHOP south of 200th Street.

          This may sound strange, but my husband mentioned going to the Southcenter Mall for their food court. It's in Tukwila, and is about 5 minutes from Seatac where the airport is. Tukwila also has many restaurants outside the mall. I haven't been to any, so I can't recommend one. The Sizzler is down there also, great for the salad bar that also has soups, pizza, tacos, fruit, soft serve ice cream, brownies and more. I guess you can tell I've been there, lol.

          Link for Southcenter Mall area:

          I hope you're able to catch your flight soon. Washingtonians are polite drivers, so if you find you need to get over a lane, use your signal and most people will accommodate you. Good luck!

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            If you find Southcenter, skip the Sizzler and go to Bai Tong, a relative gem of a Thai restaurant in a little strip mall adjoining the Toys R Us parking lot.

          2. First, you are very near Burien, where the Seattle Public Library, at 4700 Sixth Avenue SW, has computer access. Another is at South Park, 8604 8th Ave S.
            If you drive North on 99, in a mile or so, you'll cross over Hwy 518 and in a block or so 99 is intersected by Military Road S. At that intersection, you'll see Pancake Chef, which is an old-school truck-stop diner, serving decent breakfast all day and other expectable diner fare.
            North on 9 a mile or so farther, you can drop into the unexpected hispanic enclave called South Park, if you don't miss the turnoff (a library is here, too, at 8604 8th Ave S). You'll find a fun Mexican grocery (called the Mexi-mart, last I saw), and down the street a few doors is Muy Macho. There, get a plate of 6 tasty tacos (mix and match) for about 7 bucks, as I recall, and other authentic Mexican fare.
            Farther north on 99, cross the 1st avenue south bridge at Michegan street and travel North on First Avenue South til you see Starbucks Headquarters looming a block to the West, just north of South Lander street. Just east, across First and hiding in a strip mall across the railroad tracks is Jones Barbecue, at 2454 Occidental Ave.
            Another block or two north on First is Pho Cyclo, at 2414 1st Ave S. Great pho, fragrant with star anise. Yet another block or two, at 2260 1st Ave S, is Pecos Pit BBQ, where they serve the sloppiest pulled-pork sandwich in town, along with brisket and sliced beef. Owners are Texans, and very nice. It's just a lunch joint and probably closed weekends, but yummy and fun and not expensive. Once you've got that far, you're practically to Chinatown, where there is food everywhere you look. I've been lunching lately at Mike's Noodle House. 418 Maynard Ave S (between 6th and 7th ave), and the Szechuan Noodle Bowl, at 420 8th Ave S, or Green Leaf (pricier, but still a bargain - have a [often greasy, but good, green onion pancake for 3 bucks) and the wonton-noodle soup. Uwajimaya is worth a look, too, and I like the spicy Szechuan soup at Green Village. Now you're practically at the Pike place market, just West of First Avenue at Pike street, where it would take you a month to eat all the tasty things there. Go to Mee Sum for a baked BBQ pork hum bao, and across Pike Place to Uli's Famous sausages for an amazing variety of splendid sausages, which they will grill-up and serve to you in their sit-down bierstaub. Get the fries and ask for peppers and onions, which they grill to order. I could go on all day about Pike Place, but your nose will help you most. Oh, wait, just up Post alley, right across from Uli's is Seattle Chowder Company, where I usually get the seared scallop chowder - it's become an addiction. Enjoy your unexpected visit.